Normally Sunday is a day of rest BUT..

Further to all the questions that have arisen since the publishment of Optigen findings……

I have sent a communication to Prof Epplen (Bochum University) concerning things but will get no response, as is it weekend, until Monday.

Numerous questions have now arisen as to the way forward? We are in contact with Optigen and they are aware of the July 17th event. As Peter Bedford is attending we will obviously obtain his help in either arranging for cheek samples etc & also it can be arranged for the local vet to take small blood samples if Optigen wish this. Nothing can be decided though until we hear back from them. 

At this stage we believe we have to take  stock of the whole situation, and when in full receipt of the known facts, then make the decision on how to proceed. An obvious thing would be group samples to achieve minimum costs and again this has been put to Optigen.

Exciting as all this is we have to take a deep breath and make sure we proceed correctly as having waited this long rushing into things may only achieve even more confusion. This has already been seen by people mixing up what Greg Acland and his team have actually found. Glen of Imaal Terriers have NOT had a PRA genetic marker found; they now have a PRA gene mutation test available.

Jean Rogers

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  1. Can anyone explain in layman’s terms what the difference is between a genetic marker and a gene mutation test? Is it possible they are really the same thing?

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