Normally Sunday is a day of rest BUT..

Further to all the questions that have arisen since the publishment of Optigen findings……

I have sent a communication to Prof Epplen (Bochum University) concerning things but will get no response, as is it weekend, until Monday.

Numerous questions have now arisen as to the way forward? We are in contact with Optigen and they are aware of the July 17th event. As Peter Bedford is attending we will obviously obtain his help in either arranging for cheek samples etc & also it can be arranged for the local vet to take small blood samples if Optigen wish this. Nothing can be decided though until we hear back from them. 

At this stage we believe we have to take  stock of the whole situation, and when in full receipt of the known facts, then make the decision on how to proceed. An obvious thing would be group samples to achieve minimum costs and again this has been put to Optigen.

Exciting as all this is we have to take a deep breath and make sure we proceed correctly as having waited this long rushing into things may only achieve even more confusion. This has already been seen by people mixing up what Greg Acland and his team have actually found. Glen of Imaal Terriers have NOT had a PRA genetic marker found; they now have a PRA gene mutation test available.

Jean Rogers

Of COURSE it’s still on!

One of the questions coming in is about “the bash” on July 17th. Of course the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA FUNd Raising Event is still on!!!! Yes, Optigen have been licensed by Cornell to do the test. Yes, things are looking good but is fund raising stopping? Nope!

Everything is as it was on the 17th. There will be a Companion Show. There will be Fun Agility. There will be raffles. There will be side shows. There will be eye testing by Peter Bedford. Money is still needed!

Questions, questions, questions

Yesterday’s PRA announcement from Optigen is certainly a milestone in Glen of Imaal Terrier history but there are many questions to be asked still. They are arriving by email and telephone (thank you) and we’ll do our best to get the answers. The one thing that HAS to be emphasised at the moment is that the discovery of crd3 concerns only one form of PRA so testing should still continue at this time.

First answer to first question: Thankfully no, there will not be the issues of false negatives and false positives to contend with.  “False” positives and negatives can arise when one is using a marker based test –where the test detects DNA changes near but not exactly at the mutation.  The crd3 test is a mutation based test and is assaying the exact cause of the disease, not just markers that are linked to it.  Of course, one must always keep in mind that there are other causes of PRA –there are plenty of mutations that have been identified in other breeds and it is always possible that another form or PRA could occur in the Glens. But at this point we are not aware of any in the Glen—only crd3.  Let’s hope it stays that way!

Kind regards,
Sue PK

Something hasn’t occured!

For quite a few weeks now both Dog Papers have been running notification of the eye testing session taking place alongside the Companion Show on July 17th; after all a FUNd raising event for PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers should be having an eye man on site!

Bookings weren’t as forthcoming as previous years and it had (sort of) been decided that it must be due to the change of date and the 17th being the first day of the school holidays so many people are going away. Calls and emails over the last week are changing that opinion somewhat. “Oh hello, I’m…and I bought by dog to”, “Hi, are you having a….?” When it has been confirmed that there IS eye testing and that it has been in the papers for a week or two the replies have been that they don’t have the papers anymore! Economies had to be made somewhere and as everything is now on line……..

If you are doing something that has always relied on the dog papers to get the word out maybe it is time for a rethink!

3 Counties Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier  

Thank you for giving me an entry on what was the coldest, overcast day imaginable.

Reluctantly we went inside for judging as by 2.30pm it got beyond a joke. The steward was frozen as was most of the exhibitors..

Found the entry of 3 puppies quite variable ranging from 6.5 months to nearly 8 months. So my critique reflects as I see it and hopefully the exhibitors will appreciate this.

Puppy Dog: (1) O’Hanlon & Montford’s  Pajantick  Jimmy Mack at 6.5months already up on standard and with a minimalistic coat only accentuated  his rangy appearance. Head adequate, mouth  okay. looks a balanced dog although long on the hock and slightly too straight in stifle. His coat leaving nothing to hide, unfortunately. Excellent rib carriage. Front was alright and a good reach of neck. BP in the challenge nicer expression and movement was far better than the bitch. Early days and with his proper coat growing in, could come on.

(2) George & Sullivan’s  Romainville Brannigan. Nearly 8 months and more mature. Much better coat condition than 1.Head slightly coarse at this stage but time to develop, better angulation although front not his best, moved okay. Presented well, I am sure his new owner will get the best from the new addition in the future,

Post Graduate Dog: 1 (1) Barnes Brockland Blackadder at Malsville. Excellent head, presented well with good coat and in good harsh condition. Well angulated , good front and shoulder placement, rear well angulated with good bend of stifle. What let him down, showmanship, He can do it, I’ve seen him do it, but on the day, what can I say. This so reflected in the challenge.

Open Dog: 2 (1) Welch’s  Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Always well presented, excellent head and nice eye, good mouth, well balanced with adequate front and lay of shoulder. Coat good, could be slightly harsher. Moved out well both ways, perhaps could drive out a bit more. BD & BOB.

(2) Garner’s Johnny be Good at Romainville. Again another well presented glen, slightly smaller than 1 but certainly gives nothing away. Good head, would like to see darker eye, Front okay and good balance throughout. Moves with plenty of drive. Coat not at his best now but an attempt to present him in good condition for the show was appreciated. RD not a lot between them.

Puppy Bitch 2 (1) McBrine & Whitehouse, Romainville Tigan. Nothing like her brother. with a  brand new exhibitor on the other end of the lead, learning curve.  So with a bit of instruction we set off. Head reasonable and overall  was in proportion, coat in reasonable harsh condition. Better front than her puppy brother. Angulation okay, balanced shoulder and legs in proportion. Moved okay, lost out for BP on the challenge. RBB at 7 months certainly a long way to go but with a limited attendance, felt this bitch had at least proved enough . Being honest with the owner, did say do not get too excited at this stage.

Post Graduate Bitch: 1 (1) George & Sullivan’s Briar Rose at Romainville, Extremely nice bitch, everything where it should be. Good head ,well balanced with width of skull and mouth was alright. Kind eye. Front good, angulation and bend of stifle. Well presented coat condition and coat colour, but, there it ended. We all take hairy glens in the ring one time or another but an excess amount of coat only goes to take away, what a glen should really look like. Moves well both ways and on the day gave a good account of herself. Taking BB only losing out on the challenge, through her nice, but over presentation. Been there done that and got the Tee shirt.

Open Bitch : 2 (1)Mrs & Miss O’Hanlon’s Scarlett Ribbon Now 10.5 yrs and showing her age. Good head proportions and dark eye, Coat good condition, like a lot of older dogs has settled into maturity and things slip a bit. However she gave a good account of herself moving okay and proving that she deserved her 1st place.

Mrs C J Rogers

Association Open Show Results

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Open Show, judged by Pat Chadwick, saw a triumphant day for the Donvalesets. Best In Show went to Ch. Beatrixs Boy With Windarra from Donvaleset. Best Bitch Donvaleset Brier, Reserve Best Dog Donvaleset Rebus with “only” Reserve Bitch spoiling the run as that went to Amhard Extra Spice. Best Puppy went to Romainville Brannigan.

Word is that the Association Annual General Meeting held before the Show was very interesting with a lot of debate. Hopefully the Breed Notes inn the Dog Papers will give full information.

3 Counties Results…and some non news.

Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier at 3 Counties Championship Show was Barney (Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad) with Best Bitch going to Rose (Romainville Briar Rose). The respective Reserves were Johhny Be Good at Romainville and Romainville Tigan. Best Puppy was Pajantick Jimmy Mack.

As the highest “search” this week has been Glen Association Open Show the Secretary was asked for details but she must be too busy to reply so we’ll do our best to help. If you are concerned about traffic hold ups try AA Road Watch and if wondering about the weather the Met Office should help. Raffle prizes will probably be appreciated and as to entries…….it can be something to muse on whilst travelling there!

Stepping up

It’s nice to discover that some folk are stepping up to the mark in regard of the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA FUNd Raising Event on July 17th. It is all done to raise the maximum amount possible so any help that people give means more from the day can swell the coffers so thank you for the following offers:- The Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show, Best Puppy & Junior Handling Rosettes, the ebay fees for the on-line auction & numerous specials for both the Companion Show and the Fun Agility. Even the micro-chipper that is attending has said half of the chipping fee will be donated to the Fund!

We want to see you there on the day but if you can’t get we are always willing to write your name on some raffle tickets….in return for a donation of course.