From Optigen

Optigen wish to remind Glen of Imaal Terrier people that it is Summer discount days this week for the CRD3 PRA test.

You can submit your paperwork this week, and have 30 days from the submission to send your blood or cheek sample and so receive a 20-25% discount.

Darlington Entries closing

Entries for Darlington Championship Dog Show close today. The show IS STILL two weeks (September 17-19) before Driffield which closed last week. Even though today is the postal entry closing date it makes sense to do it if you an online enterer as Darlington is one of the “price increasers”. It always costs more to enter online but Darlington increase it again if you leave it until the final day. They also do a very interesting car park price shuffle; it is £3.00 if prepaid, £5 on the day and £10 “in an adjacent field” so if you don’t order a car park pass do remember that there is a £5 rate available. Glen of Imaal Terriers may have popular judge Paul Eardley officiating but 14 classes is certainly mindboggling!


For the file

The PRA FUNd Raising Event last weekend had eye testing. The numbers being done grow year on year and there was also an increase in the number of Glen of Imaal Terriers being tested. Three were discovered affected with PRA so for anybody who likes to keep their files up to date please amend accordingly:

The two brothers from the 2004 litter of Champion Jeonty Rock On Tommy/Brockland Brenna Anne were diagnosed affected so Tommy is now considered a carrier. Brenna Anne has already been diagnosed affected

A bitch from the 2003 litter of Abberann Tyrone and Emeldir Rhapsody In Blue was diagnosed affected so Tyrone and Rhapsody In Blue are now considered carriers.

None of the three affected animals have ever produced any offspring but the status of their parents is relevant for future pedigrees and any breeding decisions. If the breeder of the 2003 litter reads this could they get in touch please. The owner of the bitch doesn’t have the registration document (although maybe sent )and they never bothered until eye testing began. Kennel Club can’t help as they have you as non-contactable so will not provide a replacement.

Applause, applause

The bags, tins, boxes and envelopes have been counted and recounted. The final tally for the PRA FUNd Raising Event was just over £1200.00. Glen of Imaal Terrier people helped a lot towards this but so did many, many people from many other breeds. It can’t be said enough; thank you. And whilst you are clapping keep the hands together for Caitlin Forbes-16 years old today!

Okay, you asked…

We all love the Spacehoppers, they evoke the child. It isn’t only Glen of Imaal Terrier people who have this strange fetish. Other breeds have borrowed them for the Spacehopper Derby and even a well known eye person has limped into his office after a “I used to be able to do that” moment…used being the operative word after he fell off. This year the Spacehopper Dog Toy was well admired so how about the latest to the stable? And do play the video!

and THE news of this week is…..

Whilst we were a bit involved with the FUNd Raising event the Irish Sporting Glen of Imaal Terrier Club received some very nice news. If they so wish they can add (affiliated to the Irish Kennel Club) to their headings and logos; not bad going for an organisation only founded in 2004! And to illustrate how they intend to continue on “for the breed” their show on September 19th in Carlow will have a DNA clinic so that anybody interested will be able to get their dogs PRA tested at Bochum. Good going folks.

Thank you AGAIN!


It’s done and dusted. The 3rd Glen of Imaal Terrier PRa FUNd Raising Event is now part of the history books. Was it a success? The English Springer that came from Cleethorpes to take Best In Show thought so. The winners of the various competitions certainly did. The people who packed their cars and came from Scotland, Mid Wales and the South Coast didn’t speak too badly about us. The lady who came all the way from Chester-Le-Street just for an eye test & then stood outside afterwards looking at everything going on took the time to find somebody to say it all looked fabulous and words have already arrived from people who weren’t there saying the grapevine is already speaking on how good it was so, yes, it was a success. C’mon, how can anything that has the Battle of Britain Flight do a fly over not be?

And the million dollar question of “did we meet our pledge?” Early count ups say yes. The EFG said it would match the Kennel Club Charitable Trust Grant of £5,000 in five years and we are still on track!!!

It couldn’t be done without you. It’s your time, effort and assistance that makes us good so give yourselves a hearty round of applause!