Okay, you asked…

We all love the Spacehoppers, they evoke the child. It isn’t only Glen of Imaal Terrier people who have this strange fetish. Other breeds have borrowed them for the Spacehopper Derby and even a well known eye person has limped into his office after a “I used to be able to do that” moment…used being the operative word after he fell off. This year the Spacehopper Dog Toy was well admired so how about the latest to the stable? And do play the video!

2 thoughts on “Okay, you asked…

  1. Now that’s a great idea, after the soiree when people are winding down. We then wind up a few and have races.
    Boy bet that will bring out the competition in a few.
    Hang on does that mean I have just said we are doing it again next year.

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