Applause, applause

The bags, tins, boxes and envelopes have been counted and recounted. The final tally for the PRA FUNd Raising Event was just over £1200.00. Glen of Imaal Terrier people helped a lot towards this but so did many, many people from many other breeds. It can’t be said enough; thank you. And whilst you are clapping keep the hands together for Caitlin Forbes-16 years old today!

2 thoughts on “Applause, applause

  1. Whoop Whoop!! Didn’t we do well. Was well worth all the effort. Hope Jean and Tony are having a well deserved rest!! Happy Birthday Caitlin sweet 16! xxx

  2. Sorry we never got down to the fun day! Thank you all for the birthday wishes, we had lots of fun at Leeds. Pity there was only 1 glen entered but did not turn up.


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