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The PRA FUNd Raising Event last weekend had eye testing. The numbers being done grow year on year and there was also an increase in the number of Glen of Imaal Terriers being tested. Three were discovered affected with PRA so for anybody who likes to keep their files up to date please amend accordingly:

The two brothers from the 2004 litter of Champion Jeonty Rock On Tommy/Brockland Brenna Anne were diagnosed affected so Tommy is now considered a carrier. Brenna Anne has already been diagnosed affected

A bitch from the 2003 litter of Abberann Tyrone and Emeldir Rhapsody In Blue was diagnosed affected so Tyrone and Rhapsody In Blue are now considered carriers.

None of the three affected animals have ever produced any offspring but the status of their parents is relevant for future pedigrees and any breeding decisions. If the breeder of the 2003 litter reads this could they get in touch please. The owner of the bitch doesn’t have the registration document (although maybe sent )and they never bothered until eye testing began. Kennel Club can’t help as they have you as non-contactable so will not provide a replacement.

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  1. Im sorry for all concerned lets hope the new testing will help us .Is the breeding of the unregistered documented bitch confirmed by the breeder lets get confirmation by this person if this is correct. Tyrone is being tested so this will confirm if the dog is a carrier any hereditibilty.
    We will all have some heartbreak after the testing but lets hope we can then move forward.

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