Darlington Entries closing

Entries for Darlington Championship Dog Show close today. The show IS STILL two weeks (September 17-19) before Driffield which closed last week. Even though today is the postal entry closing date it makes sense to do it if you an online enterer as Darlington is one of the “price increasers”. It always costs more to enter online but Darlington increase it again if you leave it until the final day. They also do a very interesting car park price shuffle; it is £3.00 if prepaid, £5 on the day and £10 “in an adjacent field” so if you don’t order a car park pass do remember that there is a £5 rate available. Glen of Imaal Terriers may have popular judge Paul Eardley officiating but 14 classes is certainly mindboggling!


7 thoughts on “Darlington Entries closing

  1. £5 or 10 to park a car are Dick Turpin and Black Bess in charge of car parking then ?.

  2. I think its a cheek! I can just about cope with paying to park at Crufts, but this is silly. What do they want you to do walk to the show???? I’m not able to go as it’s not a good Friday for me, which is a shame cause I would have like to support Paul, he’s always supported the glen folk well. But an extra fee on top of high entry fee is just not possible for us anyway at the moment 😦

  3. Yes, the car parking fee is steep, BUT…..

    it is one way of getting around the law that prohibits the exhibition of legally docked dogs when the general public pay to enter.

    Darlington used to charge spectators an entry fee – if they still did that, those with legally docked gundogs (or terriers 😉 ) could not show their dogs. By charging for the car park, the law is circumvented, the society still gets the money and the exhibitors are happy – well, some are 🙂

    And although it seems steep when you’ve already paid an entry fee, when you compare the cost to a day out at any other event, £10 per person for spectators isn’t actually that bad.

    BTW, if anyone has entered and not paid for car parking I have a spare. I’m showing dogs for three different people and two of them have ordered a car park pass! 🙂

  4. wish I could. Can’t do that Friday. Am not working at the moment (which is a pain) and it’s one of my signing on Fridays, so even though they don’t give me any money I’ve still got to go and sign on the dotted line. Even if I’m lucky enough to find a job by then cant afford to take the risk of not being able to go and losing £20+ 😦

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