It’s been confirmed…..

The Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA FUNd Raising Event in 2011 will be held on Saturday July 16th. There will be the usual Companion Show and eye testing by Peter Bedford. Make the provisional note in the mind!

4 thoughts on “It’s been confirmed…..

  1. This is posted with the permission of Sue Pearce-Kelling at Optigen:

    We have witnessed a significant failure rate in the CRD3 test when using DNA obtained from cheek swabs and it causes much delay and extra effort to try to obtain reliable results when the swabs fail to yield good quality DNA. Ultimately, we end up needing to contact the client and request a blood sample so that a reliable result can be obtained. Our suggestion to send blood samples is an effort to avoid this. There are a few tests that OptiGen offers that are similarly demanding of high quality DNA and for which only blood samples are accepted. We have not, at this time, excluded cheek swabs, however if they continue to fail in significant numbers then we may have to require blood samples only.

  2. Will note the date – wish it was the following weekend though ‘cos the children will have broken up for the holidays then 😦

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