We ARE being positive!!

Gusts of wind up to 44 miles an hour should at least get rid of the torrential rain we have been having all week. If we can just hang onto the marquee everything should be fine for tomorrow. We’ll all enjoy an early start attempting to put up the tents and gazebos that can’t be put up today. With over 60 booked in for the eye testing the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA FUNd Raising Event will be starting at 10.00am and the Companion Show is at Midday. See you there.

Any idea when?

Various tents, caravans and motorhomes have booked in for the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA FUNd Raising Event this weekend but one or two have been a vague as to when they are actually turning up. Just so the gate is open can you please let Jean (jean@e-f-g.co.uk) know. Also if relying on Sat Nav be aware that it will maroon you half way down Blackjack Road-just keep driving and look for the signs.

From the CDB

There is a chance to possibly repeal the docking ban

Go to http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/ and select “register” from the top right and fill in your details after which you should be logged in.

In the search box, enter “tail docking” then search and 8 ideas will be seen. Please go down the list to “Repeal the Ban on Tail Docking” by Peter Squires and click on the title which opens our page. After our “idea” you will see five blank stars for you to vote on how much you agree with the idea (five would be nice).

Go to the bottom of the page and there is a box for you to add a comment which helps too.

Please visit the site and register your support if you have not done so, otherwise the CDB has no hope in making its voice heard.

Kind regards

Peter Squires

Council of Docked Breeds

This may surprise a few people…

This is probably going to surprise a few people but think about it, why should it? Yes, the EFG has always primarily supported Bochum but just think back to the reason of that support; ten years of Cornell trying their best still hadn’t produced anything concrete in the PRA stakes so it made big sense to have somewhere else looking into the problem from a different angle. The entire thing of the Enthusists and Fanciers of Glens is the breed and, in line with that policy of keeping Glen of Imaal Terrier people up to date, attention is drawn to the Summer Discount Days from Optigen. The important thing IS to get your Glen’s eyes tested!

It’s Monday…..

….so what happened over the weekend?

At Peterborough Show Amhard Dansak was Best of Breed & Amhard Extra Spice Best Bitch with Pajantick Jimmy Mack taking Best Puppy. Over at Swineshead it was tent erecting and ring marking out day. The big marquee is now up and the agility and show rings look rather good. Lists were checked (and rechecked) and lots of finger waving was done as it was decided what was going where….but it might change yet! The camping area is marked out and the porta-loo people have definately confirmed the “facilities” will be on site Thursday. Yes, the PRA FUNd Raising Event is less than a week away.