Updates to THE list.

Thanks to the owners of the following Glen of Imaal Terriers for DNA testing for PRA and allowing the results to go public. You are an example to us all and if anybody wishes to follow in their footsteps the EFG blog will, with pleasure, put them up for ALL to see.

Ch Ballyfoyle Ronda The Second-Clear

Bear Necesssities Baloo-Clear

Bawnogue Boy Blue-Carrier

Bawnoque Drama Queen-Clear

Briar Rose at Romainville-Carrier

Ch Broc Rua Tallulah-Clear

Coleraine’s Blue Moon Magic-Carrier

GCh. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty-Carrier

Feohanagh Bryan-Clear

Fear Fiuntair Bhailintin Bono-Clear

Ch. Finnabair Rocket’s Red Glare-Clear

Fourth Hunt Little Raven-Carrier

Fourth Hunt Pure Gold-Clear

Fourth Hunt Tallulah-Affected

Glenbride TullyRed Nally-Carrier

GlenTyrs Something Wicked-Affected

Hadberg Shakira-Clear

Hadberg Sweet Honey-Carrier

Jeonty Dinky Doughnut-Clear

Ch Liberty’s Glenbride-Clear

McCormac Niamh Chinn Oir-Clear

McCormac Nuadu-Carrier

Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville-Affected (By opthalmoscope still clear-Veteran)

Rainbow Springs Alberta Clipper-Carrier

Rainbow Springs Brave Beckett-Carrier

Romainville Alli Oop-Carrier

Romainville Ellie-Clear

Romainville Lily-Clear

Romainville Miss Moneypenny-Carrier

Romainville Rhian-Clear

Romainville Tigan-Clear

Siossapee’s Hilaris-Carrier

If anybody wants to print the lists off for their records please do. The first list was on August 6th

A question…and an answer

It was asked why Optigen offer a free of charge test for Glen of Imaal Terriers already confirmed with PRA? The Optigen reply:-

Thanks for asking this good question.  One clarification before I reply, though,–OptiGen only accepts dogs that have a definitive diagnosis of PRA-affected (not “suspicious”) for Free PRA testing.

There are two basic reasons for offering this program:

  1. Research:  Part of OptiGen’s mission is to further research and the discovery of new mutations that cause PRA.  Collecting samples from definitively-diagnosed PRA-affected pedigreed dogs provides a useful resource for possible future research projects–either internally at OptiGen or in collaboration with academic laboratories.
  2. Assessment of PRA within a breed/detection of other forms of PRA within the breed:  We are always on the lookout for whether “other” mutations are present in a breed for those breeds that we offer DNA tests for PRA. This helps us educate clients better as to the significance of our DNA tests relative to the incidence of other causes of PRA in the breed.  There are a growing number of breeds in which more than form of PRA is occurring.  (Happily, this is not the case, to the best of our knowledge, in the Glen of Imaal.)  Also by accepting the PRA-affected dogs for DNA testing, we are able to better keep our fingers on the pulse of the disease incidence in the breed and see if/how this changes over time.

Including “suspicious” cases in this sample set significantly muddies the water so we do not include non-definitive cases in the Free testing program.

What we require for acceptance into the Free PRA/Research program is the dog’s pedigree (5-6 generations); copies of eye exams and a blood sample.  I usually send people a research form for submission of these samples. Thanks very much for spreading the word on this program.

Midland Counties

Midland Counties Championship Dog Show ARE scheduling Glen of Imaal Terriers at their show this year. Terrier Day is Friday October 29th and there are 6 classes of Glens but there is a change to the schedule. Tom Mather is down as the judge of all 6 but under KC rules he isn’t eligible so he will be doing bitches and Gwen Small dogs.

Weekend roundup

At Welsh Kennel Club judge Mel Hardy awarded the Dog CC (BOB) to Ch Beatrix’s Boy With Windarra from Donvaleset with the Bitch CC going to Romainville Miss Moneypenny. The two Reserves were Romainville Typhoon and Ir Ch Abberann Eilish At Kirikee respectively with Romainville Brannigan at Brockland taking Best Puppy.

The Irish Circuit finished off at Tralee with Int Ch Abberann Conan becoming the only male Glen of Imaal Terrier to take two Green Stars (and Best of Breed). Best Opposite Sex with the Bitch Green Star went to Swedish/Slovenian Ch Abberann Tiffany. Not a bad weekend for that 2005 Abberann litter!

In America at Tioga Kennel Club Ch. Rainbow Springs Dermot took the Veteran Terrier Group

It’s a show day

Welsh Kennel Club is this weekend with Glen of Imaal Terriers being judged tomorrow by Mel Hardy who has an entry of 19.

South Wales Kennel Association Show postal entries close this weekend. The judge for Glens is Fran Kaye and terrier Day is Friday 8th October.

Limerick was show number three on the Irish Circuit and there was another different Best of Breed. This time the honour went to Int Ch Abberann Conan with the Bitch Green Star being awarded to Swedish & Slovenian Champion Abberann Tiffany.

Belfast Championship Show online entries close this weekend. Terrier day is September 25th and the Glen of Imaal Terrier judge is Jeff Horswell

This one NEEDS noting!

There are quite a few Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA results being sent and, thank you, there will be an updated list shortly but one result stands out. Ch Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville is affected by PRA……except he is clear by eye test and he is a Veteran. The last list recorded that Ch Rainbow Springs Gotta Lotta Moxie was the same; genetically affected but clinically clear and she is older than Brando. So here with these two Glens are the reason that all must be DNA tested as years and years of clear eye certificates can lull breeders into a false sense of security.

Peg (Moxie) and Lora (Brando) share their DNA results with everybody when it would have been quite easy to only share their opthalmascope results as they show “good” news. Applause to them for being out there and hopefully everybody will follow their example WHATEVER THE RESULT.

The “other side” of Montgomery

Many people from Europe travel over to Montgomery to see some of the most beautiful terriers in the world but there is another side to all this; the performance events. If you want to see breed, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, doing tracking, agility, earthdog etc. these are the events around that weekend.

All-breed AKC tracking test on Mon 10/4 (Elkton  MD, about 1’15 min from Montgomery):Contact  Christine Gates, Event Secretary @ (302) 738-6885   

 All Terrier AKC Agility premiums for Tues 10/5 – Fri 10/8 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):


 All-Terrier AKC Rally premium for Wed 10/6 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):


 All-Terrier AKC Obedience premium for Thurs 10/7 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):


 Hatboro Dog Club All-breed Obedience & Rally on Fri 10/8 (Wrightstown PA, ~40 min from Montgomery):


 Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club All-breed Obedience & Rally on Sat 10/9 (Horsham PA, ~15 min from Montgomery):

Contact  Bonnie Ludwig, Event Secretary @ (610) 265-9544