The MOST Important List ever!

Hopefully every Glen of Imaal Terrier person now knows that there is a DNA test to identify the mutant gene within the breed that causes PRA. Tests are now coming back to owners and we are honoured that the blog has been asked to run a list of results. This has occured because of the way that the blog, no passwords, no signing in, no joining, is currently the only medium on the internet for Glens freely available to everybody and freely available for everybody to comment on without tracking.

The intention is for the PRA DNA list to appear monthly and results are welcome from ALL. As nobody knows (yet) whether Optigen and Bochum are testing for the same gene names will be listed under the relevant laboratory.


Winnie Wanna Make Music.    Normal/Clear

Bundle of Hope                          Normal/Clear

Jeonty Maybe Daysee              Normal/Clear

Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster     Normal/Clear

Ch Jeonty Fern Grass               Normal/Clear

Jeonty Wanabee Bauer           Carrier

Jeonty Wannabe Gemma       Carrier

Jeonty Red Clover                   Normal/Clear

Jeonty Highlander Boy           Carrier

Pajantick Jimmy Mac              Normal/Clear

Johnny Be Good at Romainville  Normal/Clear

Brockland Belle Bregorrey      Carrier

Romainville Brannigan            Normal/Clear

Fire & Ice Dino at Jeonty        Normal/Clear


Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist           Clear

Rainbow Springs Irish Rose               Affected

Ch. Rainbow Springs Ansel Adams   Normal/Clear

Ch. Rainbow Springs GotaLota Moxie   Affected (nealy 10 years old & still clear via opthalmic examination)

Rainbow Springs High Velocity            Normal/Clear

Ch. Tipperary Rumor Has It                Normal/Clear

GrCh Finnabir Fiona The Wicked        Carrier

Ch Finnabair Roisin O Tipperary         Normal/Clear

Ch Tipperary Rose of Tralee                       Normal/Clear

Ch Rainbow Springs Geeruh Laoch       Normal/Clear

Ch Rainbow Springs Kylee of Cnoc        Normal/Clear

Ch Rainbow Springs Dermot                    Carrier

Rainbow Springs Arlo Guthrie                Normal/Clear

Finnabair Song O’My Heart                      Carrier

Finnabair The Charm One at Ber-D-Mar   Normal/Clear

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  1. Will you be listing whether the DNA tests are via blood or cheek swab? I understand there is some problem with Optigen and cheek swabs…not sure if it’s just a question of not taking a proper swab.


  2. Liz can you please explain for me the difference in the tests is the Bochum test the same as the Optigen test .
    It would be really useful to get the information so we can compere the results from the 2 tests to make comparisons.

    • The two tests are exactly the same-to determine how many copies of the mutated gene are carried (or not). Are both looking for the same gene though? We don’t know. This is why Prof.Epplen wiill be with us on the 25th, to explain about the work of Bochum and answer any questions. I’m sure we’ll see you there

  3. Dr. Gregory Acland, whose research led to the discovery of the crd3 mutation at Cornell University and UPenn, will be at the New England Glen Gathering on Saturday September 18th in Barre, MA. He will be performing eye exams and giving a research update. Optigen will also be there to take samples for the DNA mutation test as part of a 20/20 clinic.

    Contact Martha Parry ( or Ara Lynn (603-878-3552) for more information.

  4. Now that all the breeders and owners of the offspring and other extended family members have been informed it is time to post our results up to this date to the public.

    Ballyfoyle Blue Boy, call name Shaughnessey, is affected. He has had clear eye exams until this past year when a clinic found retinal changes but could not identify what it was. He was then taken to OSU ophthalmology clinic where they too stated it did not represent as typical PRA. Retinal pictures were sent to Dr. Ackland where he has asked to see Shaughn in “person.” We will be meeting him at the Glen Gathering. In the meantime we sent in a blood sample and he did test Affected.

    Daulton’s Darling Orlaith is a Carrier and is by Ballyfoyle Blue Boy and Liberty’s Santa Maria,

    Briarhill O’Riley is normal/clear from Kilkenny’s Glen Ronan and Briarhill’ Single Senseition

    Daulton’s Kelly Green is a carrier and from Daulton’s Darling Darby and Finnabair Let Freedom Ring.

    Feel free to cross post.

    Jody Daulton

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