The “other side” of Montgomery

Many people from Europe travel over to Montgomery to see some of the most beautiful terriers in the world but there is another side to all this; the performance events. If you want to see breed, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, doing tracking, agility, earthdog etc. these are the events around that weekend.

All-breed AKC tracking test on Mon 10/4 (Elkton  MD, about 1’15 min from Montgomery):Contact  Christine Gates, Event Secretary @ (302) 738-6885   

 All Terrier AKC Agility premiums for Tues 10/5 – Fri 10/8 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):

 All-Terrier AKC Rally premium for Wed 10/6 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):

 All-Terrier AKC Obedience premium for Thurs 10/7 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):

 Hatboro Dog Club All-breed Obedience & Rally on Fri 10/8 (Wrightstown PA, ~40 min from Montgomery):

 Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club All-breed Obedience & Rally on Sat 10/9 (Horsham PA, ~15 min from Montgomery):

Contact  Bonnie Ludwig, Event Secretary @ (610) 265-9544

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  1. In addition to these (and my personal favorite) is the huge EARTHDOG TEST held the day after Montgomery, Monday 10/11/2010, in Crosswicks NJ (~40 min from the Montgomery show site).

    Glens that qualify in an Earthdog class will be awarded a Fine English pewter badger pin from the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America!

    Here is the premium that contains all the information on the event:

    Click to access WHWTCA%20ED%20Premium%20List%20Oct%202010.pdf

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