This one NEEDS noting!

There are quite a few Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA results being sent and, thank you, there will be an updated list shortly but one result stands out. Ch Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville is affected by PRA……except he is clear by eye test and he is a Veteran. The last list recorded that Ch Rainbow Springs Gotta Lotta Moxie was the same; genetically affected but clinically clear and she is older than Brando. So here with these two Glens are the reason that all must be DNA tested as years and years of clear eye certificates can lull breeders into a false sense of security.

Peg (Moxie) and Lora (Brando) share their DNA results with everybody when it would have been quite easy to only share their opthalmascope results as they show “good” news. Applause to them for being out there and hopefully everybody will follow their example WHATEVER THE RESULT.

3 thoughts on “This one NEEDS noting!

  1. I would suspect Lora needed a glass of wine when she opened the result!
    Kudos to the owners who have published such findings as it would have been so easy for them, as is known from other breeds, to keep these results to themselves and only let the clinical exam results – clear in this case – be reported.

    I’m seriously considering getting Ella tested. 13 & a half and last examined at age 11, she was clinically unaffected but her mother was a carrier and she is from the only litter by her sire. (She was spayed at 18 months when an older half brother was diagnosed affected)
    How many more very, very, late onset cases can be out there and is there another factor involved which determines how or how soon the condition progresses?

    We won’t know unless more older glens get tested.

  2. We are all going to get some happy surprises and some heartbreak but at least now we should be able to go forward. Due to the work of both teams in Europe and the US in finding this marker 2 buses at the same time we need Blakey.

  3. >I would suspect Lora needed a glass of wine when she opened the result!

    More like a barrel of whiskey, Sue 🙂 The boy is seven and a half years old, and has no symptoms at all so far so I will keep hoping he continues that way for many years. He wouldn’t want to give up his surfing lessons.

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