Updates to THE list.

Thanks to the owners of the following Glen of Imaal Terriers for DNA testing for PRA and allowing the results to go public. You are an example to us all and if anybody wishes to follow in their footsteps the EFG blog will, with pleasure, put them up for ALL to see.

Ch Ballyfoyle Ronda The Second-Clear

Bear Necesssities Baloo-Clear

Bawnogue Boy Blue-Carrier

Bawnoque Drama Queen-Clear

Briar Rose at Romainville-Carrier

Ch Broc Rua Tallulah-Clear

Coleraine’s Blue Moon Magic-Carrier

GCh. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty-Carrier

Feohanagh Bryan-Clear

Fear Fiuntair Bhailintin Bono-Clear

Ch. Finnabair Rocket’s Red Glare-Clear

Fourth Hunt Little Raven-Carrier

Fourth Hunt Pure Gold-Clear

Fourth Hunt Tallulah-Affected

Glenbride TullyRed Nally-Carrier

GlenTyrs Something Wicked-Affected

Hadberg Shakira-Clear

Hadberg Sweet Honey-Carrier

Jeonty Dinky Doughnut-Clear

Ch Liberty’s Glenbride-Clear

McCormac Niamh Chinn Oir-Clear

McCormac Nuadu-Carrier

Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville-Affected (By opthalmoscope still clear-Veteran)

Rainbow Springs Alberta Clipper-Carrier

Rainbow Springs Brave Beckett-Carrier

Romainville Alli Oop-Carrier

Romainville Ellie-Clear

Romainville Lily-Clear

Romainville Miss Moneypenny-Carrier

Romainville Rhian-Clear

Romainville Tigan-Clear

Siossapee’s Hilaris-Carrier

If anybody wants to print the lists off for their records please do. The first list was on August 6th