The first results are in….

The cluster of shows in Ireland in mid August, known as The Circuit, takes in some of the loveliest parts of the South West and many take their holidays to co-incide. The first all breed this year was Clonmel and in Glen of Imaal Terriers Bitch Green Star and BOB went to Sw Ch Donvaleset Bonnie Colleen. Dog Green Star and Best Opposite Sex was awarded to Torcan of Carrighglen (Jun Ch). The All Terrier Group Championship Show is held before the circuit….anybody want to share the results?

Finnish Glen Association Club Show

The Finnish Glen of Imaal Terrier Association 2010 Club Show was judged by Eillen Foy. Best In Show was awarded to Gleann Octave (Gleann Catmandoo-Marfidal Medb Gleann), Best Opposite Sex to Taramont Oran (Duff Daingean-Taramont Iora Rua) and Breeders Group was awarded to Kennel Gleann


And now…..

Within weeks of each other the two organisations declared a breakthrough in the search for the gene that causes PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers and today, after the epublication from Bochum the full paper from Optigen. They also conclude an ADAM 9 mutation is the cause so provisionally it seems both have found the same thing. The full link to the Bochum paper is here  for anybody who wishes to check research and analysis. We should have realised that some of our more learned people would want the full monty rather than the abstract!

Everybody has been asking!

Over the past few months the question in the minds of many Glen of Imaal Terrier breeders has been a genetic one. The breed has been so fortunate having two places (Cornell & Bochum) looking in the PRA problem and unbelieveably both declared success but was it the same gene causing the mutation that both had found? The only way to know was when both organisations published; below is the epublication from Bochum.

Generalized progressive retinal atrophy in the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier is associated with a deletion in the ADAM9 gene.

Kropatsch R, Petrasch-Parwez E, Seelow D, Schlichting A, Gerding WM, Akkad DA, Epplen JT, Dekomien G.

Department of Human Genetics, Ruhr University, Universitätsstrasse 150, 44801 Bochum, Germany.


Generalized progressive retinal atrophy (gPRA) belongs to a group of inherited retinal diseases which are associated with gradual vision loss in various dog breeds, including the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier (GIT). By genome-wide homozygosity mapping using SNP arrays and fine mapping of candidate regions, we assigned the gPRA candidate locus in this breed to canine chromosome 16. The respective region is syntenic with human chromosome 8 comprising the ADAM metallopeptidase domain 9 (ADAM9) gene. ADAM9 represents a strong candidate gene for canine retinal disease because mutations have previously been shown to cause autosomal recessively inherited human cone-rod dystrophy, a retinal disorder affecting photoreceptor function. Sequence analysis of ADAM9 in affected and carrier GITs revealed a deletion of exons 15 and 16 which alters the reading frame leading to a premature stop codon. This mutation was absent from 34 other dog breeds. A variable and, at times, very late onset of gPRA was confirmed in GITs by a relatively mild retinal degeneration at an advanced age. Hence, the identification of the genetic defect underlying gPRA in the GIT represents a suitable model for cone-rod dystrophy of humans, with superior potential to elucidate functional consequences of the recently described null mutations in the human ADAM9 gene. Copyright © 2010. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

….and over the weekend

Champion Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty (Curry) took the record for Glen of Imaal Terrier number one group placements in the USA with another Gp1 and Gp2 over the weekend. In Finland Gleann Organ (Gleann Catmandoo-Marfidal Medb Gleann) added another Best of Breed and so becomes an International Champion. The Glen Association here had a funday; no details yet but hopefully it didn’t rain!

For the US readers and contributers

Dr. Gregory Acland, whose research led to the discovery of the crd3 mutation at Cornell University and UPenn, will be at the New England Glen Gathering on Saturday September 18th in Barre, MA.  He will be performing eye exams and giving a research update.  Optigen will also be there to take samples for the DNA mutation test as part of a 20/20 clinic. 

Contact Martha Parry ( or Ara Lynn (603-878-3552) for more information.

The MOST Important List ever!

Hopefully every Glen of Imaal Terrier person now knows that there is a DNA test to identify the mutant gene within the breed that causes PRA. Tests are now coming back to owners and we are honoured that the blog has been asked to run a list of results. This has occured because of the way that the blog, no passwords, no signing in, no joining, is currently the only medium on the internet for Glens freely available to everybody and freely available for everybody to comment on without tracking.

The intention is for the PRA DNA list to appear monthly and results are welcome from ALL. As nobody knows (yet) whether Optigen and Bochum are testing for the same gene names will be listed under the relevant laboratory.


Winnie Wanna Make Music.    Normal/Clear

Bundle of Hope                          Normal/Clear

Jeonty Maybe Daysee              Normal/Clear

Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster     Normal/Clear

Ch Jeonty Fern Grass               Normal/Clear

Jeonty Wanabee Bauer           Carrier

Jeonty Wannabe Gemma       Carrier

Jeonty Red Clover                   Normal/Clear

Jeonty Highlander Boy           Carrier

Pajantick Jimmy Mac              Normal/Clear

Johnny Be Good at Romainville  Normal/Clear

Brockland Belle Bregorrey      Carrier

Romainville Brannigan            Normal/Clear

Fire & Ice Dino at Jeonty        Normal/Clear


Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist           Clear

Rainbow Springs Irish Rose               Affected

Ch. Rainbow Springs Ansel Adams   Normal/Clear

Ch. Rainbow Springs GotaLota Moxie   Affected (nealy 10 years old & still clear via opthalmic examination)

Rainbow Springs High Velocity            Normal/Clear

Ch. Tipperary Rumor Has It                Normal/Clear

GrCh Finnabir Fiona The Wicked        Carrier

Ch Finnabair Roisin O Tipperary         Normal/Clear

Ch Tipperary Rose of Tralee                       Normal/Clear

Ch Rainbow Springs Geeruh Laoch       Normal/Clear

Ch Rainbow Springs Kylee of Cnoc        Normal/Clear

Ch Rainbow Springs Dermot                    Carrier

Rainbow Springs Arlo Guthrie                Normal/Clear

Finnabair Song O’My Heart                      Carrier

Finnabair The Charm One at Ber-D-Mar   Normal/Clear

Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue (Ireland)

A new rescue organisation has joined Glen of Imaal Terrier ranks. Glen Rescue (Ireland) has recently opened its Facebook page and asks everybody to note it in their diaries, webpages, puppy packs, online contacts and any and everywhere else it may be of use. The contact person is Marie McNeill telephone 0863267058 email