Another question in the DNA PRA file

If you have a Glen of Imaal Terrier that by the diagnosis of parentage is PRA affected (i.e. the offspring of two affecteds) is there any need to have them tested and, even if not diagnosed themselves, will they be default be able to avail themselves of the Optigen free test? This question was sent to Optigen and this is their reply:-

Thank you for contacting OptiGen with this good question. Although our research/free PRA testing program is almost always reserved for dogs that have been diagnosed as having definitive clinical symptoms of PRA, I think we will want to make an exception in the case of your dog. The reason for this is that the variation of the crd3 disease is of basic research interest and it is possible that we will want to have a good collection of GITs with Affected genotypes and good clinical records available for future studies. If you are planning to have your dog examined regularly (e.g. annually) and would be able to send these clinical updates to OptiGen then we would like to archive the sample from your dog for possible future research. We would be happy to receive any eye exam updates & pedigrees from dogs that have been genotyped as crd3-affected–or obligate affecteds (i.e. offspring of 2 affected parents)—even if a blood sample is not available for future studies