Busy day so it’s a toss of the coin…

A big weekend round up or the latest DNA PRA List? It’s tails so the DNA PRA List it is. Even though this has only been going on for an actual month we are aware that there are people who are a bit confused by it all so, if you can, have a look at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Notes in Our Dogs this week. You’ll be able to find it in WH Smiths and it might be worth buying it, to refer back to, rather than just reading it in the shop.

Ballyfoyle Blue Boy-Affected

Beechvalley Golden Boy-Carrier

Beechvalley No Hostage-Clear

Billy Tow von Au Deich-Clear

Briarhill O’Riley-Clear

Clogging Grian Claran Tatler Jack-Clear

Daulton’s Darling Orlaith-Carrier

Daulton’s Emerald Green-Clear

Daulton’s Kelly Green-Carrier

Finnabair Bretzel-Clear

Fire & Ice Fantaghiro-Clear

Fire & Ice Jazz-Clear

Gleann Lassarina-Carrier

Gleann Mrs Marshmellow-Carrier

Gleann Nolaig-Clear

Gleann Ode-Carrier

Hyvänhuomenen Urhea Gleann-Clear

Irish Rovers Lady Bridget Bee-Clear

Jeonty Flown Finnair-Clear

Jeonty Just For Fire & Ice-Carrier

Kilkenny’s Sine Metu-Carrier

Kilkenny’s Travelin’ Man-Clear

Miimoksen Sirius-Carrier

Rosears Ablooming Bud-Carrier

Siossapee’s Hilaris-Carrier

Previous lists appeared on August 31st and August 6th