Prof. Epplen talk tomorrow.

Professor Epplen of Bochum University will be speaking about the search for, and the discovery of, the mutated gene in Glen of Imaal Terriers that causes their particular form of PRA. The event is at Swineshead, Lincolnshire and will run from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. There will be a questions and answers session. If anybody already knows the question the wish to ask could they please forward it to Jean ( so it can be shown to Professor Epplen beforehand; his English is excellent but it is his second language! Jean can also help with any last minute queries and everybody is invited.

There will be a meal after the talk and again it is open to all. Just to tempt any chocoholics the desert will be a triple layer Nigella style choc cake with rich choc icing, vanilla buttercream and flakes! 

4 thoughts on “Prof. Epplen talk tomorrow.

  1. How lucky Glen of Imaal folk are to have Prof. Epplen coming to talk about this breakthrough. I imagine that every breeder in the UK will want to be there, so you should get a great turn-out.

  2. I have spoken to Don Harley he said Proff Epplen came over very well and explained the test very clearly and he also discussed a Bio bank. The bio bank i think would be a great idea prove pedigrees and can help with any other problem that may appear in the future.
    Well done Prof Epplen a man who clearly isnt interested in the kc or clubs hes a dogman who cares about the dogs 1st.

  3. Thank you Jean for a enjoyable meeting/seminar, both Don and myself enjoyed the talk by Prof, Epplen.

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