Another List for the Files

The latest DNA results for PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers. Thank you to everybody for sharing. Some names you will have seen before-these are the people who have sent samples to both Bochum & Optigen-the results came back the same!

Abberann Abaigeal. Carrier

Beechvalley Oscar. Affected.

Brockland Belle Bregorrey. Carrier

Brockland Merrylegs for Bregorrey. Affected

Daulton’s Devoted Sligo. Carrier

Eibhleann Briana Kyna Kaylhee. Normal/Clear

Fire & Ice Arriva. Normal/Clear

Hammersmølles Eos. Carrier

Hammersmølles Erato. Affected

Kieran Goya Tailwaggor Tyndall – Normal/Clear

Kilkenny’s Another Brick in the Wall. Carrier

Kilkenny’s BluBallymaloe. Normal/clear

Kilkenny’s Cobalt Connection Carrier

Kilkenny’s Glen Bailey.  Normal/Clear

Kilkenny’s Glen Ronan. Normal/clear

Kilkenny’s No Regrets. Normal /clear

Johnny Be Good at Romainville. Normal/Clear

McCormac Earc of Slane. Normal

McCormac Lí Ban Lúathlám. Normal/Clear
McCormac Muadhnait. Normal/Clear
McCormac Noísio. Normal/Clear
McCormac Nárbhla Báethchellach. Carrier

Miimoksen Pohjan Kruunu. Normal/clear.

Ravencroft Banrion Riabhach. Affected.

Ravencroft Deirfiur Beag. Carrier.