Weekend round up…and it was a busy one!

Over in America back to back Shows at the Clermont County Kennel Club saw Grand Champion Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty take Best of Breed both days and unbelieveably she also took Gp 3 both days as well. This follows on from a Group 1 last week and gives her nine group placings on the trot-will any Glen of Imaal Terrier in the world ever beat this?

Ireland had an International Show on the Saturday and Best of Breed was awarded to Jun Ch Torcan of Carrighglen with Best Opposite going to Ch Abberann Ennya. Reserve Dog was awarded to Int Ch Abberann Conan. The Sunday was the Club Show of the Irish Sporting Glen Club (their first since recognition) and it was a great day with lots of sunshine and lots of Glens. Best In Show was Jun Ch Torcan of Carrighglen (great weekend for the O’Tooles) with Best Bitch going to Ballyclare Sky Blue. The Sporting Club prides itself on dealing with the “total Glen” so also has an obedience competition with Garrighglen Big Boy being declared the winner. There were other competitions throughout the day and at the end an overall winner on points from ALL disciplines is declared; novice winner was to Cilleoghanin Beibhinn and open winner Ravencroft Monty.

The Dutch Glen of Imaal Terrier Association held its Championship Show and there, also in great sunshine, Best In Show was awarded to the Best Bitch Fear Funtair Bwreena with the Best Dog being Billy Tow von Au Diech. The two Reserves were Trenkie El’s Eversley Eireannah and Fiddlers Green Barney McKenna

As well as the shows there were two DNA clinics held over the weekend so Glen of Imaal Terriers, and their people, were rather busy!

Busy day so it’s a toss of the coin…

A big weekend round up or the latest DNA PRA List? It’s tails so the DNA PRA List it is. Even though this has only been going on for an actual month we are aware that there are people who are a bit confused by it all so, if you can, have a look at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Notes in Our Dogs this week. You’ll be able to find it in WH Smiths and it might be worth buying it, to refer back to, rather than just reading it in the shop.

Ballyfoyle Blue Boy-Affected

Beechvalley Golden Boy-Carrier

Beechvalley No Hostage-Clear

Billy Tow von Au Deich-Clear

Briarhill O’Riley-Clear

Clogging Grian Claran Tatler Jack-Clear

Daulton’s Darling Orlaith-Carrier

Daulton’s Emerald Green-Clear

Daulton’s Kelly Green-Carrier

Finnabair Bretzel-Clear

Fire & Ice Fantaghiro-Clear

Fire & Ice Jazz-Clear

Gleann Lassarina-Carrier

Gleann Mrs Marshmellow-Carrier

Gleann Nolaig-Clear

Gleann Ode-Carrier

Hyvänhuomenen Urhea Gleann-Clear

Irish Rovers Lady Bridget Bee-Clear

Jeonty Flown Finnair-Clear

Jeonty Just For Fire & Ice-Carrier

Kilkenny’s Sine Metu-Carrier

Kilkenny’s Travelin’ Man-Clear

Miimoksen Sirius-Carrier

Rosears Ablooming Bud-Carrier

Siossapee’s Hilaris-Carrier

Previous lists appeared on August 31st and August 6th

Another question in the DNA PRA file

If you have a Glen of Imaal Terrier that by the diagnosis of parentage is PRA affected (i.e. the offspring of two affecteds) is there any need to have them tested and, even if not diagnosed themselves, will they be default be able to avail themselves of the Optigen free test? This question was sent to Optigen and this is their reply:-

Thank you for contacting OptiGen with this good question. Although our research/free PRA testing program is almost always reserved for dogs that have been diagnosed as having definitive clinical symptoms of PRA, I think we will want to make an exception in the case of your dog. The reason for this is that the variation of the crd3 disease is of basic research interest and it is possible that we will want to have a good collection of GITs with Affected genotypes and good clinical records available for future studies. If you are planning to have your dog examined regularly (e.g. annually) and would be able to send these clinical updates to OptiGen then we would like to archive the sample from your dog for possible future research. We would be happy to receive any eye exam updates & pedigrees from dogs that have been genotyped as crd3-affected–or obligate affecteds (i.e. offspring of 2 affected parents)—even if a blood sample is not available for future studies

It’s on Sunday!

The Irish Sporting Glen of Imaal Terrier Club show is this Sunday (12th) in the Glen of Imaal and they extend a warm welcome to everybody to attend. The secretary would like to remind everybody of a grooming demonstration in the morning and the DNA clinic in the afternoon. This begins at 2.00pm and please remember your dog’s registration papers! All enquiries Linda 0879123180