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It’s Halloween this weekend.

Photo:Kelli Whitfield

Happy Halloween to all Glen of Imaal Terriers and their owners.


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Still they come!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people continue to show their commitment to the DNA test to determine the PRA status of their dogs!

Beatrix Boy With Windarra from Donvaleset-Clear

Carrighglen Big Boy-Clear

Carrighglen Brogan-Clear

Cill Dara’s Fergus of Daulton-Carrier

Cill Dara’s Niamh of Daulton-Affected

Cross Stone Copa Xavi at Castlerock-Clear

Daulton’s Darling Tara-Carrier

Daulton’s Daunting Liam-Carrier

Daulton’s Daunting Seamus-Carrier

Daulton’s Devilish Michael Finnegan-Carrier

Daulton’s Devilish Sligo-Carrier

Daulton’s Devine Delanee-Clear

Daulton’s Hunter Green-Clear

Donvaleset Brier-Clear

Elric’s Declan of Cno-Clear

Elric’s Liberty Bell-Carrier

Finnabair Bracken-Clear

Finnabair Maoli-Carrier

Gleann Quantum Leap-Clear

Gleann Regan the Rattler-Clear

Hammersmölles Helena-Affected

Kilkenny’s Sullivan of Castlerock-Carrier

Liberty’s Darren of Daulton-Clear

Liberty’s Kayleigh of Daulton-Carrier

Mag’Aisling’s Art McMurrough-Carrier

McCormac Ignis Fatuus -Clear

Paddington for Tipperar-Clear

Rainbow Springs Long Way to Tipperary-Clear

Taras Felix-Clear


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It’s a re-vamp.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association have re-launched their re-vamped website on Easier to navigate than the old one & it is nice to see a few more photographs. It was also good to discover that the Association had realised their mistake in only asking the Kennel Club to recognise the Optigen test for PRA and had followed it up later with a letter regarding Bochum. Even though the KC had already recognised the Bochum test following discussions with the EFG it never hurts to have back up! Hopefully the Association site will soon have everything fully re-vamped as the Judges Lists’ with quite a few wrong details and dead people is obviously still to be done.


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The youngsters again

Remember Charlotte Samuels from a week or so ago? Mother Linda sends the following :-Charlotte got on really well and got through, she is now in the Area Final in Portsmouth on Sunday 27th November, if she gets through this she will sing in the final at the O2!! she sang really well we were very proud of her.  Also, because she got the most press coverage in her section she also won an exposure award which was a recording studio session, she is very excited about that.


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Have a look at this

We now all know that there is a DNA test PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers but how many can really remember the journey to get there? Glen enthusiasts from all around the world who have been there since the beginning find it easy to get in a muddle so what about the new owner? What about somebody newly looking at Glens who hears about PRA but we have a DNA test….what does that tell them about it all? Have a look at this

We think it fits the bill rather well!


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Up to the end of September.

The Top Stud Dog and Brood Bitch rankings have been announced up to the end of September. In Glen of Imaal Terriers Donvaleset Black Velvet and Brockland Brenna Anne are the respective number ones and as there is only one Championship Show left for the breed….

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It’s out!

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Championship Show Schedule is out. The judge is John Bunting and it is to be held at the Community Centre, Cottesmore, Oakham, LE15 7DH on Sunday December 5th, judging to commence at midday. They are 14 classes and schedules can be obtained from Anne Hardy . Closing date is November 7th

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