A “congratulations” weekend

A warm congratulations are extended to all the Glen of Imaal Terrier Winners in America, Slovenia, the UK and anywhere else that didn’t send their results!

In the States the Terrier Club of Michigan Cluster is the last big Terrier event before Montgomery and entries are always good. Best of Breed on all three days was Gr. Ch. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty who was short-listed in the group on two days and was pulled in Group 2 on the third.

The European Winner’s Show in Slovenia saw Irish Rover’s Sir Brendan Behan being awarded with the 2010 title.

Darlington had Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee get the nod for Best of Breed from Amhard Freebooter.

12 thoughts on “A “congratulations” weekend

  1. Once again the Glen of Imaal was not represented in the Terrier Group at Driffield – this happens at quite a number of the championship shows and almost all the Open Shows, at least in my area.

    I realise that occasionally there are emergencies that necessitate an early departure from the show, but every week??? Do the winners have so little pride in their dogs and their breed that they don’t feel able to represent their fellow competitors in the group? It is disrespectful to the show society and the group judge, to say nothing of the fact that with a minority breed it’s surely a good idea to let people see the winning dogs.

    In some countries it’s obligatory for the BOB to go into the group – even if there is a very valid reason for not staying – and those that do not appear have their wins rescinded.

  2. It is surely the decision of the owner of any animal dog,pig,sheep or cow whether they stay on to the group stage . They may have travelled many miles they might have children or elderly parents to get home to work or stock to feed or may simply not be able to afford to stay all day or may have committments early the next day.
    Its only a dog show its not life and death its supposed to be an enjoyable hobby let owners make thier own decisions. Is it really that serious Mrs Atter when im working the dogs when either of us has had enough we stop. What of the dogs stuck in a cage all day its only a hobby a bit of fun isnt it ?.

  3. That sort of attitude illustrates exactly why the Glen of Imaal Terrier isn’t taken seriously in this country.

  4. What does that mean Mrs Atter isnt dog ownership and showing about fun and enjoyment of your dogs ?. What does showing mean to you is it win at all costs ? . Oh and by the way i take the Glen seriously my family have owned them since 1957 as do my freinds in Eire they have to earn thier kennels. What you and the people who dont take the Glen seriously i frankly dont give a 2 hoots . As long as i enjoy them and give them my best thats all that counts.

  5. Yes Stephen, dog ownership is all about fun and enjoyment – as well as a responsibility to care for our dogs properly.

    Dog showing is, or should be, a little more serious. Of course the dogs must enjoy it, and it’s a good day out with like-minded people, but there is a serious side as well (and no, not winning at all costs). Dog shows are the ideal place for breeders to see upcoming stock, assess their own breeding programme against that of others, and have their hopefuls evaluated by experts. Shows also give owners and breeders a chance to showcase their breed to others that might be attracted to the dogs and eventually themselves become owners and breeders. To any vulnerable breed that is a very valuable opportunity and one that is wasted when the BOB does not participate in group judging.

    Not staying for the group is also, unless there is a real emergency, extremely disrespectful to the breed judge who has selected the winner – and to the other competitors, most of whom would love to have the chance to appear in the big ring.

    I agree that as long as we enjoy our dogs and give them our best that’s all that really counts – but I don’t think you are one of the people I’m criticising for not staying anyway, are you?

    I’d be interested to know what American and European Glen exhibitors think when they learn that some UK exhibitors don’t think it important to represent the breed in the group ring.

  6. We have had BOB 4 times at champ show level this year and have stayed for terrier group each time, we have shown at only one open show this year and was awarded BoB then went on to get group 1, stayed for BIS , so to be honest dont know who you mean as I know Ruth stays for group when her Barney was awarded BOB.

  7. Yes, I know you do Val – I have seen you in the group on more than one occasion, BUT ….

    It was stated in the show report that there was no Glen in the group at Driffield, and at Darlington, where Ruth had BOB several people commented on how nice it was to see a Glen in the group for a change. I don’t think there was a representative at Blackpool (but if I’m wrong I apologise). The BOB at West Midlands Terrier didn’t stay this year, same at Northern Counties Sporting Terrier last month.

    I just think it’s a shame that people aren’t proud enough of their achievements and their dogs to want to represent their breed at this higher level.

  8. Yes Mrs A its about opinions and i can see were your coming from i see it from two sides. I race long distance pigeons and exhibit Belgian fancy canaries both to a very good standard so im told. My only worry is putting off new starters and people like me who have to get home after shows due to other committments.
    I only enter 4 canary shows per year and only race with a clock maximum of 8 times per year. As they are the times when i can stay all day for shows and 2 days for 600 mile plus racing. So in a way i practice what you say i only enter were i can give 100% of my time that day. Its just i think dog ownership and showing should be fun and i think far more attention should be given to GC awards and well trained dogs .

  9. “Its just i think dog ownership and showing should be fun and i think far more attention should be given to GC awards and well trained dogs”

    And I’m with you 100% there Mr H 🙂

  10. For the record:

    Cresta and Woody were BOB today at Birmingham Gundog and Terrier – they stayed for the group and drew some very appreciative comments from a knowledgeable ringside, many of whom thought they were unlucky not to be short-listed.

    Lovely to see a well-presented Glen being admired by so many other terrier folk.

  11. For the record, we had to make our apologies to the offical in the collecting area where we had been waiting patiently along with other BOB winners for the endless stakes classes to finish! We were not the only ones to comment about this situation and it was the first Group we have had to miss in all the years we have been showing. We had our other Glens waiting patiently for our return. I always feel it is a honour to represent our breed in the Group ring but sadly we just couldn’t wait any longer.

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