Fancy Discounted Optigen PRA Testing?

OptiGen has generously donated two coupons to the Glen Gathering to raffle off. 

50% off a Glen of Imaal Terrier crd3 gene-test. SAVE $60 to $75!

TWO (2) chances to WIN! 

Tickets are 1 ticket for $1, or 7 tickets for $5, or 15 tickets for $10

The 50% off coupon can used be along with 20/20 Clinics or Discount Days.  No expiration date.  If you buy tickets online, you can pay for them by using PayPal.  Or, tick that circle that you’re paying at the door & mail a check to:                   Kathy Georgianna, 1070 B. West Rd, Williamsburg, MA 01906 USA

 After you pay, we will e-mail you your ticket numbers.

 The winning tickets will be drawn after Glen judging at MCKC.  If you will be there, you can buy your tickets in person.  See Martha Parry or Kathy Georgianna  at one of the dog shows–Morris & Essex, Hatboro, Devon or MCKC


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  1. The online deadline for two chances to win a 50% OFF coupon for the OptiGen DNA test is Saturday Oct 9 at 3pm GMT. The 50% off coupon CAN be used with other OptiGen discounts, they have no expiration date, and the coupons can be used from anywhere, not just the US. Use Paypal to buy the tickets, Ara Lynn will e-mail you your ticket numbers.

    Here’s the link:

    Drawing will be held this Sunday after the Montgomery show, and we will mail you the coupon if you win.

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