And still they come…

More Glen of Imaal Terrier owners want to share their DNA PRA results:-

Bailielands Amhain-Carrier

Bailielands Bruce-Clear

Bailielands Cailin Dana-Carrier

Bailelands Dubhcos-Clear

Bailielands Elsa-Clear

Bailelands Las Mo Thine-Clear

Bailelands Nonek-Clear

Briar Hills Mountain Music-Clear

Briar Hills Tristan Rue-Clear

Caius’s Augustus Welby Pugin-Clear

Coleraine’s Budget Inn-Carrier

Coleraine’s The Mirage-Affected

Dashy Finscha of Fir na Grian-Clear

Feohanagh Hero-Clear

Gleann Octave-Clear

Gleann Organ-Clear

Gleann Pepe Nero-Clear

Glenties Bruans-Carrier

Grizzlemarsh Archie-Carrier

Grizzlemarsh Dorothea-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Edie-Clear

Hammersolles Frigg-Carrier

Kallington’s Dame Juliana of Caius-Carrier


Malsville Soldier Blue-Carrier

Marfidal Ping Coleraine-Clear

Rainbow Springs Gung Ho Monroe-Affected

Sandybanks Siobhan-Clear



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  1. Thank you Liz for posting my results more Irish results to come and an additional clinic planned at my house in 4-6 weeks for any irish folks want to submit bloods or bring dogs for bloods to be drawn.



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