It’s a biggie!!

Remember to check the paper in the printer before printing out this list. Glen of Imaal Terrier people are still doing the breed proud with their take up of the DNA testing and their wish to make the results public!


Marfidal Suzan Bonheur

Marfidal Suzan Cherie

Marfidal Suzan Heros

Rosears Cinnamon Lass


Ballyclare Boy

Brockland Brenden Marfidal

Feitheog Anseo

Jeonty Rock On Tommy

Knockroe Sinead of Marfidal

Marfidal Afternoon Cha

Marfidal Daddy`s Dear Dru

Marfidal Dad`s Day Darcy

Marfidal Hupu

Marfidal In your eyes

Marfidal Jack

Marfidal John

Marfidal Karelian Express

Marfidal Keilah O´Rourke

Marfidal Keaghan O`Leary

Marfidal Local Time

Marfidal Malachy

Marfidal Massey Fergusson

Marfidal Suzan Mignone

Marfidal Time After time

Marfidal Time Goes By

Marfidal Twilight Time

Pajanticks Kitty O´Shea

Ravencroft Ruari

Rosears Crackerjack

Rosears Everything U Wish


Abberann Aoife

Gerrardstown Rockhard of Marfidal

Gleann Nora

Gleann Taggart

Gleann Snowman

Knockroe Alma of Marfidal

Knockroe Moira

Knockroe Shannon

Knockroe Strong Fella

Marfidal All alone

Marfidal Aamu

Marfidal Cream tea

Marfidal Cupan Tae

Marfidal Edwin

Marfidal Elvira

Marfidal Endgame

Marfidal Faari Amalia

Marfidal Faarin Aino

Marfidal Fancy a Cuppa

Marfidal Herra Mirandos

Marfidal Inishlacken

Marfidal Inshmuskerry

Marfidal Jim

Marfidal Kaie O`Mahony

Marfidal Keara O`Neil

Marfidal Kenley lass

Marfidal Mavourmeen

Marfidal Mercury

Marfidal Mug of Molings

Marfidal Neitoperho

Marfidal Not my cup of tea

Marfidal Put the kettle on

Marfidal Saniday

Marfidal Sanilightning

Marfidal Sanistorm

Marfidal Sugar kane

Marfidal Tamanar

Marfidal Tazla

Marfidal The Mocker

Marfidal Tiffermit

Marfidal Tizza

Marfidal White vision

Marfidal Why me

Rosears Bumblebee

Sally’s Wonder