Gr Ch….what’s that?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Westminster qualifiers are all Gr Ch which is something unknown in Europe so the question came in. As it is an American title the best way of finding was out was to ask the American Kennel Club. It seems there must be quite a lot of confusion over just what it is as they very helpfully suggested looking here.

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  1. Sue, the AKC divides the country (plus Puerto Rico) into 13 Divisions. Division 1 is New York and the six New England states. Division 2 is Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware…and so on. Each division has its own ‘Schedule of Points’, that is, how many dogs or bitches must be defeated to earn one to five championship points….15 points including at least two major wins of 3 pts or more required to make up an AKC Champion. The Grand Championship program uses this same schedule of points except Specials (AKC Champions) are counted as well as class dogs, and 25 points including three majors must be earned. They arrive at these numbers for each division by analyzing the entry figures for each breed over the course of the past 12 months. The numbers are revised every May. So, for example, in Division 1, where Glen entries are generally fairly small, it requires 4 dogs or 4 bitches to win 3 pts. But in Division 2, which is home to Montgomery Weekend and several other well-attended (by Glens) shows, it requires 7 dog or 8 bitches to earn the same 3 points. The chart you refer to is a hypothetical schedule of points that is being utilized for the example that they are illustrating. In this hypothetical schedule of points you’ll notice it takes 2 dogs or 2 bitches to earn a single point, 5 dogs or 5 bitches to earn 2 points, and so on. The colored silhouettes represent the hypothetical entry to which the Schedule of Points is being applied.

  2. Thanks Bruce,

    Why couldn’t the AKC just have asked you to write an explanation without confusing the issue further?

  3. Well, I’m glad they did not. I have enough writing to do. However, they did turn to a Glen person for her writing skills. Jo Lynn wrote an excellent, clear and concise explanation of the Grand Championship program for our club newsletter. She ran it by AKC before publication to fact check and they liked it so much they have been using it in their literature. Among other uses, it was sent to all AKC judges who, up until then, were just as confused as the rest of us.

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