Going down….why?

The Amsterdam Winners Show has announced the judging order and Glen of Imaal Terriers are in ring 34 with 7 entered. A Dutch fancier remarks how disappointing it is that entries continue to go down and the Winners certainly used to have entries in the 20s. It isn’t only Holland though as the Danish Winners only mustered five Glens. America has supported entry shows (supposedly guaranteeing a decent entry) but they have also been down this year. Yesterday we featured the critique for Midland Counties and the entry of 13 was really high for a none CC show but it used to be so much higher. The breed notes in a UK dog paper were wrong when they said it was the first time Glens had classes there, Glens used to have classes with big entries. Just as an example 1996 had 32 Glens entered for popular judge Brian Foy and this was at a show in the doldrums of the year after the clocks went back so everybody was travelling in the dark.

Everybody must have their own idea as to why Glen entries are going down; why not let us all know?