Going down….why?

The Amsterdam Winners Show has announced the judging order and Glen of Imaal Terriers are in ring 34 with 7 entered. A Dutch fancier remarks how disappointing it is that entries continue to go down and the Winners certainly used to have entries in the 20s. It isn’t only Holland though as the Danish Winners only mustered five Glens. America has supported entry shows (supposedly guaranteeing a decent entry) but they have also been down this year. Yesterday we featured the critique for Midland Counties and the entry of 13 was really high for a none CC show but it used to be so much higher. The breed notes in a UK dog paper were wrong when they said it was the first time Glens had classes there, Glens used to have classes with big entries. Just as an example 1996 had 32 Glens entered for popular judge Brian Foy and this was at a show in the doldrums of the year after the clocks went back so everybody was travelling in the dark.

Everybody must have their own idea as to why Glen entries are going down; why not let us all know?

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  1. Midland Counties (MC) last scheduled Glens in 2001. There was an entry of 17 with 3 absentees, giving judge John Bunting (who is judging at the GOITA Champ Show next month) a total of 14 Glens to go over.

    Here are the results and critiques for MC 2001:


    At least one of the Glens exhibited at MC 2001 has been entered at the GOITA show in 2010!

  2. Hit Enter too quick!!! lol

    Notes in Our Dogs today said that this was the first time glens had classes at this show.

    I remember 1996, it was my first show with Mahluf. There were at least 8 dogs in his class. He came last!! lol

    Used to be our last big show of the year and a good excuse for a bench side party.

    Glad we have our classes back, was a great show despite the longgggggggggg wait.

  3. I think its all down to money. £25 a dog is expensive, petrol is through the roof, time off work etc etc. When Mum and I started we did at least 2 shows a month, sometimes 2 in a weekend.

  4. Cost i think it is frankly £20/30per dog at a show is criminal people simply cannot afford it plus much higher fuel costs and people working time off etc. In this breed showise anyway i must say thier are perceived to be 2 groups of people who frankly do not get on and have different ideas about the breed and a few odds and sods such as myself who tend to stick with thier own views and ideas or do thier own thing.
    They support different judges so some go to 1 show and some to others it happens in all forms of competition livestock and beyond thats life. Nobody controls the breed “thank god”so differences occur i certainly am not interested in some judges opinion as they probably arent about mine . So i keep my money in my money bag a number of breeders from the 1980s and 90s have packed the breed up or died .
    Glens arent the easiest to keep and thankfully thier are alot of people who want to keep Glens simply for the fun of it thank god and arent interested in shows. I know what it was like when some 7 yrs ago i tried to get my old bitch Meg mated. People who didnt know me or my dogs were saying “his dogs are Xed wheatens ,Not registered etc” show and former show people i might add.
    I was always taught to look in the mirror so perhaps the keen show people should exactly do that.

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