Register your litters with the Kennel Club?

From 2012 the Kennel Club will only register four litters born to any one bitch before her 8th birthday. Also from 2012 there will be restrictions over the number of litters born by Caesarian section (to any individual bitch) that can be registered. The only question that springs to mind is why wait until 2012?

2 thoughts on “Register your litters with the Kennel Club?

  1. Why is the 8th year of age fixed in stone dad ,myself and many other men have bred from 8 and 9yr old bitches no problems. Im all for 4 litters max but why does this private members club dictate to us all like the “fit for function” which it doesnt employ or listen to breed clubs ie are changes this shower enforced without proper consultation.
    They are only interested in money ie registrations and do precious little for dog health or real fit for function.

    • Ideas change Steve; just think of docking. And just as an aside there will be less money for the KC coffers with them saying they won’t register more than 4.

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