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At a recent Championship Show an owner of a docked Glen of Imaal Terrier was shrieked at by a passer by. The shriek was in pleasure as the animal was seen and “finally a Glen” was uttered. The partner, at the same time, turned to another person on the Glen benches & said you don’t remember me, do you? It was admitted there was no memory at all which made the person asking the question smile. They didn’t mind and they didn’t think there would be because it was just over 22 years since they had last met. The Glen purchased at that time had been a dog of a lifetime & when it had died they had looked at Glens again & didn’t like the tails but one thing had really stuck out; why were they so long now and it wasn’t just the tails as a couple of breeders had tried to tell them?

It’s always interesting when totally independant backup is given to something that has been concerning senior breeders & owners for a while; the majority of Glens are just too long now. Those people may only have owned two Glens but the one animal they identified with was one that newer people consider “a bit short”. Oh yes, the closing line to the conversation was about the death of their beloved Glen. She had gone out into the garden one day and when they went to look for her she was laid peacefully asleep on the lawn…forever. Obviously sympathy was expressed but they said that was how they hoped she would go with her being 20!

2 thoughts on “Just for interest

  1. Well Liz i will have Ben out at the club show hes in MPD hes docked so are all the glens i own bar Jans bitch and i will not be changing. I do work them but i belive people should have choice it has nothing to do with welfare and everything to do with politics.

    • It is political correctness and whether we like it or not it is the law of the land now. You know what I think!


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