This is Bowie, the Glen of Imaal Terrier that went missing just before Christmas. The boy still isn’t home but paw prints have been found very close to where he was last seen that look very much like his so fingers crossed for the New Year.

If you live, or have friends or relatives, in the Holywell area of North Wales do ask them to keep an eye out.

It’s Christmas Eve..

…and what better way to celebrate it in the Glen of Imaal Terrier world than with another list of dogs that have gone through the PRA DNA scheme.

Abberann Bearnard-Clear

Baillielands BB Ben-Clear

Bawnogue Holly Blossom-Carrier

Bwrenna Vom Au Deich -Clear

Feohanagh Cosnochta-Clear

Gerrardstown Frederick-Clear

Gortnatua Anya-Carrier

Gortnatua Fainche-Carrier

Gortnatua Flannagan-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Cassie-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Digby-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Florence-Clear

Miimoksen Hsi ja Ho-Affected (another who is clinically clear though at age 12)

Pajantick Roisin-Carrier

Rosears Agile Rascal-Affected

Rosears Call The Shots-Carrier

Rosears Copyright-Carrier

Uther Uactaran of Megh-Morran-Clear

Lost Glen of Imaal Terrier

A brindle Glen of Imaal Terrier dog went missing today from Pen-y-Ffordd, Holywell, North Wales. He is 5 months old(microchipped) and escaped from the back garden which backs onto fields. His pawprints were tracked but then nothing so it is hoped somebody took him in. Advice has been given re: Doglost, the Wrexham Leader, Chester Chronicle, North Clywd Animal Centre & vets. As 3 Glen breeders used to live in the area there should be a few vets left who will recognise a Glen if it is bought to a surgery. If you know of any people in the area please ask them to keep their eyes open!

Let it download-it’s worth it.

In the UK there has been a Guide to the Glen of Imaal Terrier CD that has been around for a while and has been very well received. The Danish Glen Club has just done one and theirs is online. It is quite picture heavy so takes a while to download but it is worth the wait. It is interesting to see the change in topline (and what is considered correct) from a country that stopped docking many years ago