A reminder from the Kennel Club

As from January 1st 2011 the following apply:-
“Regulation F(1)22 – Judging Contracts – Effective 1-Jan-11
Insert new sub paragraph F(1)22.e

e. When requested to do so, judges must submit a completed breed health monitoring report form and a copy of their critique to the Kennel Club within 21 days of the close of the show.
Regulation F(1)9.f

f. A dog must, at the time of entry for a Show, be registered as required by Kennel Club Rutes and Regulations in the exhibitor’s name (or registration or transfer applied for). In the case of joint registered owners the full name of every registered owner must be given.

Where an owner makes an entry on behalf of another joint registered owner(s) or where an agent enters on behalf of a single or joint registered owner(s) such person must have the authority and consent from the single or joint registered owner(s) to sign the entry form on their behalf thereby binding them all to Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. In the event of any dispute, evidence of such authority and consent will be required.

A dog acquired subsequent to entry having been made at a Show may be exhibited as the new owner’s property provided that an application for the transfer has been forwarded to the Kennel Club before the Show, and the new owner has undertaken to abide by the Regulations and conditions of the original entry form (and in accordance with the conditions set out above).
Regulation K3 – Junior Warrants – Effective 1-Jan-11
New sub paragraphs (4) and (6)

(4) One point for the award of Best Puppy in Breed at an Open Show. Only to be claimed if no qualifying Junior Warrant points were gained by that dog by winning a breed class or classes at that show and only to be claimed if the dog awarded Best Opposite Sex Puppy has also gained one or moe points having won a breed class or classes at that show.
(6) Only one point can be claimed where a dog has been declared both Best Puppy In Breed and Best Of Breed.
Show Certificate of Merit – Effective 1-Jan-11

From the 1st January 2011, the number of points available for Reserve Best In Show (RBIS) and Best In Show (BIS) will be increased for those shows which are not judged on the group system. The points for non group system shows will be increased as follows:

RBIS from 3 points to 7 points
BIS from 5 points to 9 points

Weekend roundup

Two quite prestigious events that call for congratulations to the Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terriers. In the UK, despite the awful weather, 28 Glens made it to the Glen Association Championship Show and it was a double for the Harleys with Ch Beatrix Boy from Windarra with Donvaleset Best In Show and Donvaleset Brier Best Bitch. Best Puppy was awarded to Abberann Torcan.
In America the Eukanuba National Championships also saw a double with Gr Ch Daulton’s Hunter Green BOB & Gr Ch Daulton’s Maeve of Cill Dara Best Opposite.