Happy New Year!

It’s 2011 and as our contribution to the filling in of the diary the following people will be judging Glen of Imaal Terriers at Championship Shows in the UK.

10/03/2011 Crufts-Harry J O’Donoghue

02/04/2011 National Terrier Club-Nicholas White

05/05/2011 Birmingham Dog Show-Jeff Luscott

20/05/2011 Scottish Kennel Club-Allan  Stephenson

27/05/2011 Bath Canine Society-Paul Wilkinson

22/07/2011 Leeds-Roger Thomas

19/08/2011 Welsh Kennel Club-Tom  Johnston

16/09/2011 Darlington- Peter Chappell

07/10/2011 South Wales Kennel Association-Peter Bakewell

04/12/2011 Glen Of Imaal Terrier Association-Rosemary Whinn-Sladden