Catching up

“Our” people are getting noticed at the moment. Douglas Gray in Scotland has a son even chunkier than his Glen of Imaal Terrier. Son Richard, all 6ft 8inches and 20 stone of him, is [playing in the Scottish National Team for the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament. If you are against a television today have a look at the Wales v Scotland game and give him a mental wave.

Many voted for Charlotte Samuels and her young career goes from strength to strength. Besides appearing again on the radio she has been writing her own material. Attendees at the EFG Companion Show know Viv & Eileen and their Dachshunds. The first year of the event saw one of them take the GoToGround award. The ladies have always had nice dogs but haven’t really bothered overly much with showing until they met us. It’s really good to know that the Enthusiasts and Fanciers of Glens were¬†had influence¬†in the winner of the very prestigious Dachshund of the Year award. Yes, Viv & Eileen with their Ch Derochaise Black Orchid took the title in January