How’s it going?

The Kennel Club were asked if agreeing to have all Glen of Imaal Terriers DNA tested for PRA could become part of the requirements to become an Accredited Breeder. The ABS Sub-Group(of KC Dog Health Group) has a meeting on Tuesday April 5th and the matter is to be discussed then so it should be known by the second week of April.

It’s British Summer Time & murky

The clocks have gone forwards so summer is on its way-at least the nights will get lighter if nothing else. Are you going away on holiday this year and if so will your Glen of Imaal Terrier be travelling with you? The UK is still has very dog friendly and if anybody has any particular places or areas we’ll be happy to pass them along. Two to start with are and

We’ve always stood for what we believed in

Glen of Imaal Terrier owners cover a very wide spectrum but, generally, we all respect each others views, rights and ideas and would never try and forcibly inflict something on each other. A few years ago there were Glen people on the pro-hunting marches in London and a few Glens are still legally docked because they genuinely work. If you think that way of life shouldn’t be totally resigned to the history books have a think about this.

Crufts’ Critique 2011


PD: 1) White’s Abberann Karl, nice type & size, good head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition, attractive & showy, moves well for age. Coat not at its best. Should have a nice future. 2) Fraser’s Kirikee Celtic warrior, slightly bigger, nice head & expression, good coat & body condition. Moves freely but not accurately. 3) Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’gara, a reasonable type. Not in best condition for showing. Decent head & expression. Not moving well, needs time.

JD: 1) Welch’s Romanville Brannigan at Brockland, nice type, good head, nice neck & shoulder, good body condition, nice length and temperament, nice mover, nice bone, nice coat. Well handled. 2) White’s Abberann Torcan, nice head, neck, shoulders, size & length. Needs a better coat. Moves okay but a little straight in stifle. 3) Briscoe’s Abberann Special Edition for Belwood, litter brother to Torcan, masculine dog with a good head, neck, shoulder & front, good depth of body, good temperament. Needs a complete new coat & better presentation then he should do well.

PGD: 1) Barnes’ Brockland Blackadder at Malsville, average head, nice neck & shoulder, nice bone & substance, nice size. Bit straight in stifle. Prefer more accurate movement. A little disinterested. 2) Horton’s jeonty Highlander Boy, nice head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition. Needs a better coat & moves very close behind. 3) Hardy’s Amhard Freebooter, reasonable type with average head & expression. Needs much better coat & better presentation. Not moving accurately.

LD: 1) Rogers’ Jeonty Wannabe Bauer, perhaps could have more powerful head, but it was a nice type. Very good neck & shoulders, nice front, good hindquarters, nice topline & tailset, moves well in front & rear, very well presented & handled. 2) Garner’s Johnny Be Good at Romainville, very nice dog in superb coat & condition, good head, neck & shoulders, good front & rear end, good topline & tailset. Would not show well & did not help his handler. A pity, I liked him a lot. 3)Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon, a reasonable head, neck & shoulders, good body condition, not moving accurately.

OD: 1) White’s Ch/Ir/Am/Sw Ch Abberann Conan, a top class dog in every respect, great head, neck, shoulders & front, excellent body condition, big hindquarters, good angulation, big bone, good topline & tailset, super temperament & great mover, uses his hocks. CC & BOB. 2) Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, top class dog in excellent condition, good head, neck & shoulders, nice coat & body condition, nice temperament. A little straight in stifle. Good bone & substance. Has not got a good a topline & tailset as one & is not as good or as true mover behind. Still a very good dog. Res CC. 3) Smith’s Romainville Bodhran, reasonable head, neck & shoulder, in fair coat & body condition. Not showing well & not moving accurately.

GCD: 1) Fraser’s KIrikee Just Follow Seamus, at 12 yrs enjoying his day out, nice head & expression, nice body condition, a credit to his owner for keeping him in such condition. 2) Barnaby’s Kenoctos Chief’s Song, average head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition. Prefer a better topline & tailset. Not moving well.

VB: 1) Seall’s Brockland Merrylegs at Bregorrey, nice type with much to like, very short in coat. Not showing or moving well.

PB: 1) Rogers’ Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty, nice type, nice feminine head, good neck & shoulders, nice coat & condition, good mover, shows very well, good temperament.

JB: 1) Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan, very feminine, has most of the essentials. Needs much better presentation & ring training. Will benefit from maturity.

PGB: 1) Sage’s Jeonty Lola may at Wickholm, good head & expression, nice neck & shoulder, good bone & substance, nice temperament, nice topline & tailset, shows well & moves freely. 2) Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan. 3) Smith’s Grizzlemarsh Dorathea, a reasonable type. Needs better condition & a better coat. Not moving well.

LB: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Alley Oop, average head & expression, in good body condition, nice depth, nice length & size. Prefer a better topline, tailset & movement. 2) Allerman’s Emeldir Princess Astrid at Glenwellieka, eight years, in good body condition, decent coat. Not showing well but moves freely.

OB: 1) White’s Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, top quality bitch in lovely form, great head, neck & shoulders, good body condition, nice coat, good topline & tailset, super mover. I found it very difficult to choose between for BOB as both are top class specimens. In the end I gave the nod to her brother. CC. 2) Seall’s Brockland Belle Bregorrey, very nice bitch with a good feminine head, good neck & shoulders. Good coat although a little short. Moves freely, but not as accurately as one. Shows well. Res CC.

Harry O’Donoghue



On March 22nd there was a meeting between the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Terrier Union and on the agenda was the inclusion of the Glen of Imaal Terrier on the Breed Specific Instruction list for aggression; why was it there and what factors were the Kennel Club aware of that nobody else seemed to know about?

At the meeting, courtesy of the Scandinavian Glen Clubs who sent them, were copies of their own BSI-on which the Dutch had supposedly based theirs-with no mention of Glens. The thing that made most impact though with the Kennel Club representatives were the letters from Glen fanciers around the world. Glen of Imaal Terrier breed clubs and organisations had written to register their surprise and dismay and pet owners had also contributed their opinion as to why the Dutch Kennel Club was wrong. It was also considered very significant that the Irish Kennel Club were part of the protest and it was decided, by the Dutch Kennel Club, to remove the Glen from their list.

The Dutch Glen Club would most sincerely like to thank all the people, clubs and organisations (you know who you are) that took the time to support. Together the job was done!

This is Rex

Rex is a Glen of Imaal Terrier that needs a home. Some people will have never seen a Glen like him but others will look in amazement at something that hasn’t been seen that much for over 20 years. Rex is a dog that shows breeding will out and his colour, closet grizzle and tan, tells you who he is….we think. We don’t know exactly who Rex is because he hasn’t got any paperwork but we are 99% sure of his breeding.

Rex needs a specialist home as he has already been with a few people who don’t understand what he is.

Celtic Winner Results

The St Patrick’s Day Show, now the Celtic Winners, saw Puppy Power in Glen of Imaal Terriers. Judge Mrs Heather Cox awarded the Dog Green Star and Best of Breed to 10 month old Abberann Torcan with his brother, Abberann Special Edition for Belwood, Reserve Dog. Best Bitch was Swedish & Slovenian Ch Abberann Tiffany with Reserve to Knockroe Shannon.

Torcan is looking like a boy to keep the Glen flag flying high as at not quite 7 months he was adult group 4 at the Dublin Dog Show Society Championship Show