First birth announcement

Glen of Imaal Terriers are born in many parts of the world, on a reasonably regular basis, so it has never been commented on before but today the storks are flying. The first litter in Australia for over 20 years are now nearly at the six week marker so welcome little Diggers and Sheilas to the Glen world!

5 thoughts on “First birth announcement

  1. 1988 was the last litter i belive Mrs.Boswell although a lady who has a bitch which is about 8 now tried to inseminate with semen from Eire with no success. The litter information i have been given has come from Australia ie 1988. The parentage of the present litter is
    Sire-Knockroe Golden Jack-Wheaten
    Dam -Grizzlemarsh Copper-blue brindle.

  2. I can remember the last litter being planned & born.

    Hadn’t realised it was quite so long ago.

  3. Congratulations – we look forward to hearing more news from Australia.

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