Glen of Imaal Terrier results were…

…..a double brother-sister affair.

An interesting judging session from Harry O’Donoghue. His Dog and Bitch CCs, both getting their second from him, were Homer & Rosie (Multi Ch Abberann Conan & Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya) and the Reserves were Barney & Tierney (Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad & Brockland Belle Bregorrey). Those placings indicate how much the critique is being looked forward to as anybody with any knowledge at all of Glens will know that there is two distinct types of the breed there with two different forms of coat presentation. We do like judges that cause a raised eyebrow!

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    • 09 was certainly another that made for “the eyebrow” & the critique (see March 19 2009) referred to, and acknowledged, the differences in type.

    CH/IR/AM/S ABBERANN CONAN (AN CH 06’07, CW 07’08)





  2. … or is the “very similar result” (just under 22 months ago) that Stephen Homes refers to:

    The Kennel Club Special Crufts Qualifying Show for Irish Native Breeds on 31st May 2009

    Judge : Harry O’Donoghue (Ireland)

    DCC & BOB : Ch Ir/Am/Sw Ch Abberann Conan (IKC)

    BCC & BOS : Ch Ir Ch Abberann Ennya (IKC)

    (Different RCCs)

  3. No Bagel it was the crufts 2009 result in the context EFG put forward of differing types being put forward .

  4. Hi All

    Re: “there is two distinct types of the breed”

    Is there that much difference?

    Different lines perhaps.

    Perhaps E.F.G. would like to be more specific as to which “in their opinion” is correct or need I ask.

    Ps. What happened to Best Puppy, was named last year.


    • Different lines? Come off it Nick-they are just a bit closer than kissing cousins those four.
      Isn’t the distinct types that Glens have been one of the breeds big attractions? Breeders have been able to offer “horses for courses” and they have always been Glens.
      Which type is best? The one you own of course, until you own a different one.

      • Still does not explain the comment

        “as anybody with any knowledge at all of Glens will know that there is two distinct types of the breed there with two different forms of coat presentation”

        Are the other exhibitors wondering about their “type” or “presentation” or is it just one kennel it refers to.

        Is it a Club view? Was it discussed on the day?

        Remember we can all present our dogs as we wish and the Judges will have their preference on the day but I would hate to think that presentation would take preference over breed type,soundness and condition.

        We present our dogs as we like them, we have never insisted that everyone should do as we do nor would we, that is a personal choice. Are we right or wrong with our presentation? You tell me.


      • Exactly. Anybody can present their dogs as they like so it obviously leads to different ways of doing it. Love the idea of a Club view but I’m not sure which Club could manage that sort of lead.

  5. Maybe it is a language barrier but to this Glen breeder the original post of the results was written in a way that raised my eyebrows. A good judge in a day of judging a breed with a large entry could place different types of Glens (if there are different types) if he selected the best of the types and it appears he did place the top Glens in the top and reserve especially since the Best of Breed is a repeated winner and the reserve dog won last year.

    Given the amount of rah rah given to wins of English bred or sired by English Glens on this blog, one might expect a wee rah to the Irish trifecta.

    • Good to hear it raised your eyebrows. Any judge that judges as obvious as Harry O’D (brother/sister & brother/sister) at the top of the heap should always raise the question why? And being Harry I’m sure he’ll let us know-just as the Crufts 09 did. A shame that the AKC doesn’t do critiques.

      This blog operates on what it is sent and some countries send more than others. Anything is welcome!

      • Doubt if AKC would ever do critiques. Love to see photos of those that showed to try and see what is referred to as differences.

    • AKC would do a critique, and with these three dogs, I think the difference would be easily noted and explained. It’s common in this country as well.
      Who is the center dog in the old picture? And is the one on the left Dirty Dan (I think that’s the name)?

      • Maybe I missed something but I thought the original post perceived the differences between the three winners and the reserves not between the three winners. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. I personally really like Abberann Ennya i think she is a cracking bitch and she in my opinion only hasnt got the BOBs she deserves Nick. Im not knocking Conan i just like Rosie.

  7. AKC judges will do critiques if asked to do them by the parent club of the breed. It’s a common practice at National and Regional Specialties.

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