On March 22nd there was a meeting between the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Terrier Union and on the agenda was the inclusion of the Glen of Imaal Terrier on the Breed Specific Instruction list for aggression; why was it there and what factors were the Kennel Club aware of that nobody else seemed to know about?

At the meeting, courtesy of the Scandinavian Glen Clubs who sent them, were copies of their own BSI-on which the Dutch had supposedly based theirs-with no mention of Glens. The thing that made most impact though with the Kennel Club representatives were the letters from Glen fanciers around the world. Glen of Imaal Terrier breed clubs and organisations had written to register their surprise and dismay and pet owners had also contributed their opinion as to why the Dutch Kennel Club was wrong. It was also considered very significant that the Irish Kennel Club were part of the protest and it was decided, by the Dutch Kennel Club, to remove the Glen from their list.

The Dutch Glen Club would most sincerely like to thank all the people, clubs and organisations (you know who you are) that took the time to support. Together the job was done!