Crufts’ Critique 2011


PD: 1) White’s Abberann Karl, nice type & size, good head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition, attractive & showy, moves well for age. Coat not at its best. Should have a nice future. 2) Fraser’s Kirikee Celtic warrior, slightly bigger, nice head & expression, good coat & body condition. Moves freely but not accurately. 3) Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’gara, a reasonable type. Not in best condition for showing. Decent head & expression. Not moving well, needs time.

JD: 1) Welch’s Romanville Brannigan at Brockland, nice type, good head, nice neck & shoulder, good body condition, nice length and temperament, nice mover, nice bone, nice coat. Well handled. 2) White’s Abberann Torcan, nice head, neck, shoulders, size & length. Needs a better coat. Moves okay but a little straight in stifle. 3) Briscoe’s Abberann Special Edition for Belwood, litter brother to Torcan, masculine dog with a good head, neck, shoulder & front, good depth of body, good temperament. Needs a complete new coat & better presentation then he should do well.

PGD: 1) Barnes’ Brockland Blackadder at Malsville, average head, nice neck & shoulder, nice bone & substance, nice size. Bit straight in stifle. Prefer more accurate movement. A little disinterested. 2) Horton’s jeonty Highlander Boy, nice head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition. Needs a better coat & moves very close behind. 3) Hardy’s Amhard Freebooter, reasonable type with average head & expression. Needs much better coat & better presentation. Not moving accurately.

LD: 1) Rogers’ Jeonty Wannabe Bauer, perhaps could have more powerful head, but it was a nice type. Very good neck & shoulders, nice front, good hindquarters, nice topline & tailset, moves well in front & rear, very well presented & handled. 2) Garner’s Johnny Be Good at Romainville, very nice dog in superb coat & condition, good head, neck & shoulders, good front & rear end, good topline & tailset. Would not show well & did not help his handler. A pity, I liked him a lot. 3)Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon, a reasonable head, neck & shoulders, good body condition, not moving accurately.

OD: 1) White’s Ch/Ir/Am/Sw Ch Abberann Conan, a top class dog in every respect, great head, neck, shoulders & front, excellent body condition, big hindquarters, good angulation, big bone, good topline & tailset, super temperament & great mover, uses his hocks. CC & BOB. 2) Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, top class dog in excellent condition, good head, neck & shoulders, nice coat & body condition, nice temperament. A little straight in stifle. Good bone & substance. Has not got a good a topline & tailset as one & is not as good or as true mover behind. Still a very good dog. Res CC. 3) Smith’s Romainville Bodhran, reasonable head, neck & shoulder, in fair coat & body condition. Not showing well & not moving accurately.

GCD: 1) Fraser’s KIrikee Just Follow Seamus, at 12 yrs enjoying his day out, nice head & expression, nice body condition, a credit to his owner for keeping him in such condition. 2) Barnaby’s Kenoctos Chief’s Song, average head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition. Prefer a better topline & tailset. Not moving well.

VB: 1) Seall’s Brockland Merrylegs at Bregorrey, nice type with much to like, very short in coat. Not showing or moving well.

PB: 1) Rogers’ Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty, nice type, nice feminine head, good neck & shoulders, nice coat & condition, good mover, shows very well, good temperament.

JB: 1) Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan, very feminine, has most of the essentials. Needs much better presentation & ring training. Will benefit from maturity.

PGB: 1) Sage’s Jeonty Lola may at Wickholm, good head & expression, nice neck & shoulder, good bone & substance, nice temperament, nice topline & tailset, shows well & moves freely. 2) Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan. 3) Smith’s Grizzlemarsh Dorathea, a reasonable type. Needs better condition & a better coat. Not moving well.

LB: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Alley Oop, average head & expression, in good body condition, nice depth, nice length & size. Prefer a better topline, tailset & movement. 2) Allerman’s Emeldir Princess Astrid at Glenwellieka, eight years, in good body condition, decent coat. Not showing well but moves freely.

OB: 1) White’s Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, top quality bitch in lovely form, great head, neck & shoulders, good body condition, nice coat, good topline & tailset, super mover. I found it very difficult to choose between for BOB as both are top class specimens. In the end I gave the nod to her brother. CC. 2) Seall’s Brockland Belle Bregorrey, very nice bitch with a good feminine head, good neck & shoulders. Good coat although a little short. Moves freely, but not as accurately as one. Shows well. Res CC.

Harry O’Donoghue