March 17th

Whether Glen of Imaal Terrier’s are resident in England, America, Sweden or wherever on March 17th a paw has to be raised to St Patrick-The Man. So as it is his day a mention must be given to the American Kennel Club tribute to Irish Breeds and this for all Muppet fans.

The Celtic Winners Show is on at The National Show Centre, Cloghran, so Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh and a useful phrase to have today (if memory serves)pionta Guiness, le do thoil                                                           

By this weekend please

Many indicated they would be writing to the Dutch Glen of Imaal Terrier Club in support of their “WHY?” to the breed being featured on the Dutch Kennel Club BSI list. Letters and emails from breed organisations and individuals have already been received, and it is known some have gone direct to the Dutch KC, but the more the merrier so if you still haven’t got round to it…. is where to send it 

The meeting is on the 22nd so it would help if any correspondence could be there by the weekend.

Is it really needed?

The recent comments have led to multi-suggestions that “different types” would be a very interesting thing to run. The trouble with emails is that it is difficult to know if the tongue is firmly in the cheek; just as it is with comments. Have a look around the various Glen of Imaal Terrier websites and decide. The two photographs here are a starting point

Applause for the DD people

Discover Dogs is a great innovation and standing there for hours takes stamina and dedication. The Glen of Imaal Terrier booth was manned by, amongst others, Don, Val, Nigel, Joanne, Stephen, Jan, Lynne, Nicky and assorted dogs. Thank you to them and to the other people that were there. You deserve an individual mention but unfortunately the organiser must have been very busy as the full list never arrived.

Glen of Imaal Terrier results were…

…..a double brother-sister affair.

An interesting judging session from Harry O’Donoghue. His Dog and Bitch CCs, both getting their second from him, were Homer & Rosie (Multi Ch Abberann Conan & Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya) and the Reserves were Barney & Tierney (Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad & Brockland Belle Bregorrey). Those placings indicate how much the critique is being looked forward to as anybody with any knowledge at all of Glens will know that there is two distinct types of the breed there with two different forms of coat presentation. We do like judges that cause a raised eyebrow!

Busy in the evening….

If you are busy in the evening and haven’t got a hard-drive to record Crufts coverage on More 4 it can be seen during the day.  runs live during the day and there are regular updates via Twitter and Facebook.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust have done their bit for Glen of Imaal Terriers over the years so have a look at their first ebay auction (It has been pointed out to them that the collars don’t have any lengths on them so hopefully that will be altered)

Still there

Brenda Jones left the room in the late summer of 2009. An American Cocker from the last litter she bred took the Bitch Ticket today at Crufts. She would have bust a gut with pride-we’ll do it for her.

It’s showtime!

Crufts 2011 begins today. The Greatest Dog Show In The World has opened its doors and they won’t close until Sunday 13th after Best In Show. Today is Gundog day with Working and Pastoral tomorrow. Don’t worry though if you can’t attend on Saturday(Terrier Day) as there will be Glen of Imaal Terriers in Discover Dogs for the duration of the show. The Glens can be found in booth TR12, the top left hand corner of the Discover Dogs area in Hall3

If you are an armchair Crufts admirer:-

More 4 from 7pm – 9pm every evening

Live Streaming Online from 8.30am each day:

What’s On

Crufts FM: streamed radio station online

Up the list…a bit.

The yearly registrations for Glen of Imaal Terriers in 2009 saw the breed just one above the bottom with only Cesky below us. 2010 saw Glens “climb” up three places with Cesky, Australians, Skyes and Sealyham now registering less in a year. In America the Glen also, for the first time, registered more than Dandies and Skyes in 2010.