Happy Easter

You’ve probably noticed that Easter is practically upon us. As we know you are all busy at weekends and Bank Holidays, and because we think of you always, there is rarely anything on the blog so you don’t have to give valuable time up. What with Easter and then Mayday and the special Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding and knowing that taking just three days off work in the middle of it all can get you eleven days holiday we are joining in.

We’ll be back on May 3rd ready for the run of Championship Shows but more importantly it’ll be the run up to the final EFG FUNDay-known affectionately to all as “The Bash”. We said all the Charitable Trust Grant would be matched pound for pound within five years and we intend to do it in four so this year will be a biggie!!!!

We WILL be there….sort of!

The William and Kate bash is just over a week away &, believe it or not, a Glen of Imaal Terrier owner will have a hand in it. Rob Shuter (co-owner of Curry) is going to be one of the on-air hosts for the televised Times Square celebration for the Royal Wedding. There’s going to be an enormous stage erected just north of the intersection of 42nd St and Broadway so if anybody is in New York or has a television that picks up US channels keep an eye out!

Out and about..

At Helsinki Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier was Rosears Fairchild. Over in America at the Northern California Terrier Association Glenbride Dizzy Gillespie was Best of Breed both days and then went onto get 4 BOB on the trot. American obedience is quite different from UK obedience but a score of 190, out of 200, is excellent in everybody’s book so big congratulations to Tula who got the score and she only needs one more leg for another Glen to be able to put CD after their name.

Thinking of Montgomery this year?

Devon is always late to post judging panels but the other three shows comprising Montgomery Weekend ’11 have posted panels and the Glen of Imaal Terrier judges are:

Hatboro I: Mike Buckley (Breed and Group)
Hatboro II: Carole Beattie (Breed), Anne Katona (Group)
Devon: ??
Montgomery (GITCA National Specialty): Al Ferruggiaro (Breed) Keith Lovell (Group–he’s Australian).