Happy Easter

You’ve probably noticed that Easter is practically upon us. As we know you are all busy at weekends and Bank Holidays, and because we think of you always, there is rarely anything on the blog so you don’t have to give valuable time up. What with Easter and then Mayday and the special Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding and knowing that taking just three days off work in the middle of it all can get you eleven days holiday we are joining in.

We’ll be back on May 3rd ready for the run of Championship Shows but more importantly it’ll be the run up to the final EFG FUNDay-known affectionately to all as “The Bash”. We said all the Charitable Trust Grant would be matched pound for pound within five years and we intend to do it in four so this year will be a biggie!!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. really looking forward to ‘The Bash’. Have even booked an extra day off to bake lots of cakes and sweet treats for our tea tent 🙂 If anyone has any special (food/cake related) requests in the run up to the day please let me know.

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