Where do they come from?

Recently there have been quite a few seemingly Glen of Imaal Terriers turning up in general rescue kennels, particularly so in the USA. The question of “where do they come from?” is being repeatedly asked. So what do you think of this girl?

Here she is with her friend a Manchester Terrier

There wouldn’t be many people who wouldn’t identify her as a Glen with a poor head……that is until they met her mother

This is the mother of the above “Glen”. In other words, this is where the big majority of Glens come from-they aren’t!!

Glens CAN do glamour!

It’s been a while since Glen of Imaal Terriers could boost a media star (Murfi was the last “big” name) but now the breed is back in the highlights. In The Company of Dogs will soon have their new catalogue out but at the moment their website can be viewed

Whilst on there also take a look at this page and also this one. Ollie and Prudence look rather good!

National Terrier Results

After a journey to be forgotten, a fast ferry that didn’t, traffic jams, diversions & a stroppy car park barrier, judge Nick White gave a full set of “firsts” at a National Terrier. First bitch Champion,  and Best of Breed, for Don & Val Harley with Donvaleset Brier (Amhard Damson Sauce/Monavoth Girl Among Donvaleset). First CC to Donvaleset Rebus (Beatrix’s Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset/Donvaleset Blue Crystal). The Reserve CCs were also a first for 10 months old Kirikee Celtic Warrior (Abberann Tyrone/Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee) and Romainville Tigan(Feohanagh Bryan at Romainville/Briar Rose of Romainville). Best Puppy went to Roaminville Inki (Johnny Be Good at Romainville/Roamainville Rags’n’Tatters) from Minor Puppy.

It’s National Terrier tomorrow

National Terrier is the Championship Show in the UK with the longest links to Glen of Imaal Terriers. The Shield that will be given to tomorrow’s Best of Breed is the second one donated there as the first was full. To look at the slightly tarnished names on the original trophy, now in safe keeping, is to look at the greats of the breed & just see how our Glens keep going.

1982 has Guitar Man there and his sister, Moody Blue, appears six years later in 1988. Murphy has his name recorded in 2000 but brother Soldier doesn’t appear until 2005. The ultimate though is Delegate: first there in 1984, again in 1989 & finally in 1992. What memories those names awake and tomorrow the 2011 will be known.