Scottish Kennel Club

SKC Championship Show begins today but yesterday the event began with the final of Scottish Junior Handler of the Year. Youngsters qualified for the event all through 2010 and the “Triumphant One” was Caitlin Forbes who shares her home with a couple of Glen of Imaal Terriers. Many congratulations indeed!!

Terrier Day is today at Ingliston and two people have said their mobiles are fully charged to ring the results from ringside so by late lunch/early afternoon results should be HERE…and they are

Under judge Allan Stephenson BOB (DCC) was awarded to Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad with the Bitch CC going to Jeonty Maybee Daysee, her first after 4 Res CCs. The two Reserves were Johnny Be Good at Romainville & Ch Jeonty HasACeilidh at Karensbrae

5 thoughts on “Scottish Kennel Club

  1. Very well done to Caitlin!

    And congratulations, too,. to Ruth and Barney, Barbara and Barry (and Matthew?!) and Muffin, Cresta and Woody, and Karen and Ceilidh!


  2. Thanks to everyone for all the support you have shown me over the years. It was a great feeling winning on Thursday as the competition is extremly high. To be the one to handle Ceilidh and get her 1st RCC was great! Glenn also had a good time with 1st with Nans Inka in both the YKC stakes and handling so yes he will be back at crufts. I am not too sure
    what Fergus thought about his new hair style after the YKC grooming but we won that class and qualified for the grooming at Crufts too.

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