Opinions are divided

A growing thing is the habit of some Rescue Kennels in this country to bring dogs in from Irish Pounds and rehome them here. Some people see it as a valuable service whilst others cannot believe, with the UK’s own dog problem, they could be so stupid. We know one kennel bought a Glen of Imaal Terrier, in very poor health, over but now another appears to have……..except it hasn’t. Dog’s Trust Liverpool had some Irish dogs come over and two were advertised as Glens. Investigation revealed they were terrier type mongrels but as they had come from Ireland and Glens are Irish they could have been in the mix! Hopefully they won’t do it again but if you see any Glens up for rehoming via Rescue Kennels do check what is actually available because others could follow the same logic.

It’s been asked….

The previous EFG website had a video on of a gaiting Glen of Imaal Terrier and people have been asking where videos of the breed can be seen? They feel (quite rightly) that more can be judged of a breed by this method than in a photograph. Typing Glen of Imaal Terrier into YouTube will find the most and with the Companion Show & FUNDay coming up this is one worth viewing