Crufts 2013

An interesting Glen of Imaal Terrier appointment for Crufts 2013. Nick Hammond will be the third Irishman to officiate at Crufts since Glens got tickets and the third one appointed that isn’t on the Glen of Imaal Association judging list. The Kennel Club, on one hand, is absolutely Breed Club based but on the other hand just doesn’t bother with what Clubs want. If the Association Judging List is considered rubbish why don’t the KC just say so? If they approve of it why do they ignore it?

Nick has awarded Glen CCs before at Belfast 2009 and they went to the Abberann siblings of Conan and Ennya. Maybe it was missed but there isn’t any recollection of seeing a critique and under KC rules that is a must. Tony Killykeen-Doyle never did one either but all praise to Harry O’Donoghue as his Crufts critique came out pretty quickly. We are still missing seeing one Irishman’s critique as Nick White still hasn’t been seen in print 3 months after National Terrier…c’mon Nick, it’s wanted!

It’s back to the Kennel Club again. Their own rules say a critique must be produced and seen by exhibitors but they show a remarkable inclination to re-appoint judges that apparently ignore them.

It’s this week!

The Big Event of the FCI calendar happens this week with the World Show in Paris. It’s running a new concept in so far as the French National Shows will happen in the morning and then the World Show will begin in the afternoon. With the French love of “don’t rush lunch” the World Show could possibly quite a late finisher. There are 15 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered with both intended exhibitors and visitors from this side of the Channel.