Birmingham National 2011 Critique

Thank you to Birmingham National for the invitation & the exhibitors for the entry, it was good to be amongst Glen of Imaal Terrier folk again. After judging the breed in Finland, with 31 present, and the US Nationals with 12 Champions present it seems the UK is sadly lacking now the overall qualities of the ones I judged at these shows. We seem to have lost the consistency in type, balance & shape. Short upper arms seem to be a feature which gives exaggerated rise to the topline. Width of skull needs some attention as good width is called for.

Where are the lovely bitches that are the foundation of any breed? With the freedom of the Pets Passport maybe consideration should be given to trips abroad to help in future breeding programmes. I know it is always a problem with a small gene pool but Glens are a lovely honest breed with enthusiastic owners who give good support & atmosphere to shows. It would be great to see a quality future generation coming along. I wish you well in future progress.

PD. 1) Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara. Impressive strong & well built youngster with good skull, shape & balance. He has the size, skull & head width, eye & earset. Developing well in front, chest & body with the muscle of topline & quarters. He moves easily & is very promising, should have a good career. Best Puppy.

PGD. 1) Hardy’s Amhard Freebooter. This boy has the head with the balance to body & he carries good angles in the rear. Developing well in chest & muscle, not the bone of two but good ground cover on the move, with more finish to come in coat. 2) Welch’s Romainville Brannigan at Brockland.  Good, strongly built wheaten boy going through a growth stage at present, not quite the angles in front. Has head & jaw strength, with solidly muscled rear quarters, needs to balance in topline to improve the image. He can move & has the drive. 3) Horton’s Jeonty Highland Boy.

LD. 1) Rogers’ Jeonty Wanabee Bauer. Won an interesting class on the move. He has topline, front & shoulder angles, would prefer more width in the head but may come as he matures. He is strong in muscle, has the movement front & rear with the balance held well, pleasing coat cover and power finish the picture. 2) Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon. Great head and ear on this lad, he has the balance in front & rear, chest body & rib but not quite the rise in topline required. He has great muscled quarters & pushed all the way. 3) Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus

OD. 1) Smith’s Romainville Bodhran. Really impressed with his strong balance & powerful frame, he has the bone, good overall outline & shape. Comes with width and strength in head & jaw, his body is developed, he has enoght coat & was going well on the move showing his hunting instincts to take the CC and BOB today. 2) Hardy’s Amhard Damson Sauce.  Great in type this honest dog has the bone, muscle & head proportions, he comes in good coat & shape. I liked his strength in rear quarters & muscle tone, just not quite the attitude & oomph on the move to push one harder for the decision. Res CC.

JB. 1) Rogers’ Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Lovely youngster with good overall balance & size. She has good action, with the front & rear angles, carries herself well standing & on the move. She has the development coming through in chest & body with excellent muscle on the rear quarters. She has topline & coat coming through, will be interesting to watch her future progress. Felt she had enough qualities for the CC today.

PGB. 1) Whitehouse & McBrine Romainville Tegan. This wheaten girl has the shape on the move, she’s sturdy with the power & body, nice topline, good rear quarters but not quite the angles in front at this stage. Coat is okay & was a solid girl to go over. Res CC.  2) Hadley’s Donvaleset Domino.  Pleasing head, muscle & balance, she has nice quarters front & rear. Has the overall outline, good coat cover & style on the move, strong jaw & neck would let her work well, interesting to go over.

OB. 1) Whitehouse & McBrine Romainville Tegan.

Jeff Luscott (Judge)

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  1. Where were all the bitches ! only 3 bitches attended the rest stayed at home.

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