Accredited Breeder Scheme

Last week, July 4th to be precise, there was a muse about the new ABS requirements for Glen of Imaal Terriers. As it didn’t match what many breeders and owners thought was to be the procedure for the breed i.e. the advice given by numerous eye people worldwide, obviously the question was politely asked if it was a Kennel Club decision? The Kennel Club have replied to the concern and have indicated that the “downgrading” of required to recommended was at the suggestion of the Glen Association.

As the Glen Association has the following, written by Peter Bedford, on their website it would be interesting to learn why the Committee of the Association recommended what they did:-As a breed you have already developed the discipline of eye examination and you should continue to be certain that another problem does not become entrenched within the breed. Without the crd 3 test the Glen was in a mess, but the feeling of euphoria that the test`s advent has created should not allow common sense to be thrown out with the bathwater.Eye examination is essential to ensure that our delightful breed remains free from other potential ocular disease.