Companion Show-EFG style

Okay we all know it was wet last Saturday, so wet that some people rang up to see if everything was still going ahead, but the EFG Companion Show was a triumph of joined up thinking and huge thanks must be recorded to the judges, Jeff & Amanda Luscott  for good-humouredly and with obvious enjoyment “going with the flow”.

Jeff may have judged all over the world but we are laying odds that he has never performed under such a variety of tents, umbrellas and even under a judging table (it  kept the rain off). The Puppy Walk and Puppy Class entrants were obviously a bit bewildered about what was going on but every owner made a point of saying how good the judge was with them. And even before judging started, as everyboody shared the biggest tent, Jeff did a brilliant greeters job; if he ever wants a reference for front door work at McDonalds we will be honoured to give it. In a day of torrential rain somehow or other Amanda managed to do all of her judging in the only dry period, the rain starting once more as she finished. Impressive connections with the Weather God, can we have you again please!