CLA Game Fair 2011

The Game Fair moves to Oxfordshire this year and takes place July 22-24 at Blenheim Palace. Even if you think you will have no interest in outdoor sports this is an event you should visit at least once in your life; you won’t regret it. If you do go be sure to wander in to the Kennel Club zone and say hello to the Glen of Imaal Terriers-we get everywhere!

2 thoughts on “CLA Game Fair 2011

  1. All welcome we get far better feedback here than from DD the people are usually far more down to earth than the kc show scene and its really great fun and great for the dogs to boot.

  2. A lot of interest shown in the breed and all positive The Smiths and Dodi, Bill and Eileen and Sunny and ourselves with 5 we missed Nicki, Jason and the children and Mac and Nell plus Tom and Jennette and thier 2 dogs. We met a lovely couple from the Netherlands John and Ria who keep the breed they spoke alot of commonsense and a couple of other glens and thier owners.
    The public were really taken with the breed and seeing them all mixing together all good PR the Sealyham pack where there 15 plus dogs a great stand showing film of them working killing rats and showing what the breed is for. We are planning to do a dvd of are dogs just the same on hunting and killing rats to be shown at the game fairs and DD we show pictures of are dogs killing rats on the stand working a brook. Alot of Manchesters up to 16 ,Jack Russells,Parson Russells,Patterdale.Lakeland and Fox terriers.
    The CLA and other game fairs are encouraging the dvds which are played in the marquee the general public loved it and we all mucked in all the breeds and owners and had a good time showing what are dogs are really all about.

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